#HobbyLobby’s fight for freedom, and how it’s being misrepresented (again) by the Media

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This isn’t supposed to be how freedom works.

It’s not supposed to come down to one decision that’ll allow the Federal Government to remove our God-given rights and turn our lives upside down. Yet back in June of 2012 that’s exactly what happened, when the Affordable Care Act was given the go-ahead by the Supreme Court.

And as tragic as that day was, here we are (again) battling another aspect of the same insatiable, freedom-eviscerating law.

The Hobby Lobby case (“Sebelius v. Hobby Lobby Stores, Inc.“) is back, and it’s being argued before the SCOTUS. And as usual, the Leftist media is trying their darndest to muddy the popular perception of what’s at stake.

So one more time, with feeling: Hey, Media!!! This case has absolutely nothing to do with women being able to have access to contraception whatsoever. Nada. Zilch. Bupkis.

Glad I could help.

Actually, when this first came to light back in 2012, I made the following analogy:

Let’s say you and I live in the same house, and I have a vehicle and you don’t. We live a couple blocks from a bar. You want to go to the bar & get drunk, so you ask me for $$$, AND to drive you there and back home again. I don’t believe in drinking alcohol and say, “Nope. You want to go drink? No problem: it’s only two blocks away. Walk, and use your own money”.

I’m not denying anything to you; I’m simply not paying for it, nor am I trying to make it easier for you to obtain it.

And yet, the deliberate misrepresentation of this is still going on, with the Left’s newest saint leading the way:

Not to be outdone, we also have such media luminaries as Andrea Mitchell spouting their recommended daily allowance of ignorance on this, as well.

But for the real story, the TRUTH, we need to turn to other sources. A great one would be this excellent piece by AceOfSpadesHQ’s Gabriel Malor over at The Federalist, where he lists Six Lies that the Media keeps repeating.

Do yourself a favor and read the whole thing, but here’s just a quick snippet:

“…a funny thing happens if you pick up a newspaper covering these cases. The leftist papers do not mention the substantial monetary burden put on religious business owners to violate their consciences. The papers do not mention that contraception was both inexpensive and widely available before the contraception mandate, and still is. The papers omit to mention that it isn’t the businesses who have radically changed, but the mandates from government. 

Quite simply, if you read a newspaper to find out about the contraception mandate cases, you will read lies…”

But for a (very) abridged version of what’s on the line, here’s The Judge on with Megyn Kelly below:

All of this boils down to freedom: do we have it? And what about our faith: can we still freely practice it in our nation, or is that only if we don’t have the temerity to start-up a corporation?

And if the latter IS the case, what’s next?

Or perhaps a better way of putting it would be: what’s NOT next?


24 responses to “#HobbyLobby’s fight for freedom, and how it’s being misrepresented (again) by the Media

  1. On 104.7 today on a news break, the report was that “the Supreme Court was hearing from an employee today who is seeking to keep female employees from getting contraceptives.”
    I almost choked.
    And that’s our conservative talk station!

  2. This should never have had to go to the supreme court, but the people failed.

    This is not about birth control, not about woman’s rights, etc… HL already provides birth CONTROL to their workers, out of (I think) 27 meds, they have an issue with FOUR and those 4 are not birth control, they are after conception elimination. Point is, if women would use the birth control pills properly, they would not need the birth elimination pills.

    This is about religious freedom (not ‘freedom to worship’, but freedom to LIVE our RELIGION) and if the dumb jerks who are pushing to have a private business violate their religious convictions succeed, well then, woe unto them when THEIR personal right is infringed upon… and it will be, eventually.

    Excellent post, JTR. God bless you and your family.

  3. Reblogged this on Citizen Tom and commented:
    If you voted for the people who made Obamacare the law, please have the decency to be ashamed.

    If you cannot figure out why it is important that the Constitution protect the free exercise of religion, not just freedom of worship, please don’t vote.

  4. I found your post via Citizen Tom’s reblog. You are right on target. The liberal media doesn’t want this case portrayed like it really is because it is much easier to demonize Hobby Lobby, and other business owners who hold the same beliefs, as wealthy corporate giants who are treading their employees under foot.

    You called it correctly when you said it was all a pack of lies.

  5. I do know what you mean, JTR. The jaw-dropping stupidity on twitter yesterday reveals, sadly, how they’ve won the public opinion war, no matter how SCOTUS rules on the case. One headline that caught my attention read: “Hobby Lobby wants to stop you from consulting with your doctor” (hundreds of favorites, retweets, inane replies…). It’s not about news anymore, it’s a campaign to keep people stupid.

    Thanks for being around and blogging on these things, because otherwise I’m starting to lose my faith in humanity’s ability to think. Seriously, this scares me.

  6. livinrightinpgh

    I’ll keep saying it until the law is repealed or until I draw my last breath: PPACA was NEVER about access to contraceptives, any more than it was about reducing costs, improving access, or providing coverage. It’s quite simply the door that the Government can now swing wide open to infringe on every aspect of our lives from what we eat to the freedom to LIVE (Great line, Teach) our Faith.

    The Left MUST be counting on a 51%+ turnout of the most uneducated, under-informed, and atheistic among us in the coming elections.

    • Thanks livinrightinpgh… IMO, living ones faith is key. Anyone, no matter how oppressed they are, has freedom to worship… man cannot take our spirit and our relationship with God through Christ Jesus. This is why I think words are so very important (I’m one of those who ‘correct’ people when they say we live in a democracy, because we live in a Constitutional Republic) because the purpose of progressives is to change the language to shine a different light on the conversation. I know how blessed I am, to live in a nation that has a Constitution which guarantees my right to live my religion… but I’m even more blessed to have a God which guarantees my right to freely worship Him, no matter what my situation might be. AMEN! 😀

  7. “birth elimination pills”

    Doesn’t that make a horrifying subject sound rosy.

    • The Left is exceedingly good at assigning euphemisms to their beliefs.
      Can’t tell the truth, after all…

      • Yes, I’ve heard abortion refered to as vip: voluntary interruption of pregnancy. After all, we wouldn’t want someone to interrupt our life–especially if they’re short and only weigh a few pounds.

      • I’m confused by your comment JTR, I penned the term “birth elimination pills” (and I am no where near ‘left’) because the purpose of the abortion pill is to eliminate any chance of birth occurring.

        • That’s 100% my fault, Teach.

          True story: I was watching ‘Aladdin’ with the family (still one of my favorites), and simply misread that comment when it popped-up on my smartphone.
          I didn’t go back (as I usually do) for context: I just replied.

          Worse: just a few minutes prior I’d been having a conversation with my sons about the Left never calling things what they actually are (abortion/choice, etc…), choosing to “soften” them for public consumption instead.
          When I replied, my brain was still in that conversation.

          Your term is appropriate and accurate: not a “softening” of anything, and not created for “marketing” purposes. I simply misread it, and then replied too quickly. If I’d gone back to the post itself, I’d have seen all that in context.

          Again, my apologies.

  8. Why is it the libs get to frame these issues? Bad enough they created this mess, but then get to tell everyone what they are supposed to think about it, too. Notice its always built around “they want to deny you”….when actually its the Left who is all about denying whatever and wherever they can. And about control.Then they want to deny your ability to even protest if they can.

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