The pro-abortion movement’s wire hanger lie

I just told my wife about this excellent piece by NRO’s Kevin D. Williamson. If you haven’t seen it, please do so now: it is absolutely required reading…

***Thanks to our pal James over at ‘Defy The Narrative‘ for linking.***

3 responses to “The pro-abortion movement’s wire hanger lie

  1. I had this thought, which I know would ruffle a lot of feathers on both sides of the issue (with the pro-life side, because it is gross; with the pro-choice side, because it’s true), so it’s just an idea to consider with a tiny grain of salt.

    You’re familiar with the baby feet pin, which pro-lifers sometimes wear. If we were to combine that with the coat hanger, there would be a pendant that both sides ought to agree on, because it just says exactly what both sides are saying. I mean, what is the coat-hanger used for? And why would it not help the pro-choicers to be more specific about that? …As if the idea of the coat hanger wasn’t already intended to conjure a graphic image, unless someone didn’t get the point right away. Adding a pair of feet would make their emblem more self-explanatory.

    Their resorting to an emblem that actually defies what they want to promote (they actually want to avoid the use of coat hangers, right?) is a sign that they haven’t really reflected on what their ideology proposes. So what would be the right emblem for their cause? A pair of scissors or a syringe? Those are, after all, the types of instruments a doctor would use for the exact same purpose. And those instruments are the ones they would actually prefer to the coat hanger. Why not choose an emblem that represents what you do want as opposed to one that represents the opposite of what you want? But even still, whether it is a coat hanger or a pair of scissors, it does not represent fully what they want. It makes more sense to include, along with whatever instrument of death they choose to represent themselves, a tiny pair of feet as well.

    The pro-life “baby feet” emblem represents exactly about what it stands for, namely, life. What positive thing does the coat hanger emblem represent? It represents their ideology, perfectly, IMO. It intentionally sends a negative image of fear and death. What a terror that so many people are buying into it — literally.

    • A wonderfully cogent thought, James.
      Your idea encapsulates the intellectual dishonesty of the Left. Thanks.

      But don’t lose sight of the primary point in the article:
      the coat hangar *itself* is a lie, so it doesn’t even have the validity of being an actual thing to rail against. It’s fear-mongering, and dishonest fear-mongering, at that.

      Not that this should come as a surprise to anyone…

  2. “Lack of access” is code for “you have to pay for it.”

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