She’s back: Senator Di-Fi wants to ban guns that merely LOOK like military weapons

Here we go again.

In early 2013, Senator Dianne Feinstein was at the forefront of an effort to institute a government ban on more than 150 types of firearms, including rifles, pistols and shotguns. Thankfully, that legislation was shot down (…pun very much intended…).

But barely a year later she’s back, and singing the same ol’ tune:

Senator Dianne Feinstein - Ban ALL Scary looking guns

Gotta hand it to her, though: she may have the approximate mental acuity of a cabbage leaf, but she certainly knows how to appeal to her base:

(via the Daily Caller) – California Democratic Sen. Dianne Feinstein is circulating a letter on Capitol Hill calling once again for a ban on semi-automatic rifles and asking for President Barack Obama to keep his State of the Union promise to make 2014 a “year of action.

Citing the Gun Control Act of 1968, Feinstein states, “In recent years… importers of firearms have taken advantage of ATF’s interpretation of the ‘sporting purposes’ test to evade the import ban.”

Although Feinstein recognizes that the firearms are designed for civilian use and never manufactured or used by any standing army, she maintained that “many semiautomatic firearms on the market today do not have a military origin but are modeled closely after military firearms.”

What is it with the Left and their love-affair with banning things? Food, words, now guns: we can’t get through a week without them trying to get rid of whatever stands still for thirty seconds.

In this case, it seems that the overly-addled senator from California is requesting we rid ourselves of these firearms because they… look vaguely military-ish. Ummm, how does this even come close to making any logical sense? Even for Dianne, this is pretty dumb.

So in an effort to once again remind Ms. Feinstein of the Constitutional illogic of her rediscovered jihad against guns, I’m including an old video we used a loooong time ago from Chuck Woolery. It’s funny, sure, but Chuck easily makes more sense in five minutes than Di-Fi has in her 20+ years in the Senate.

A low bar to clear, I agree, but there you go:

10 responses to “She’s back: Senator Di-Fi wants to ban guns that merely LOOK like military weapons

  1. On this beautiful spring day… I’m gonna go out with my granddaughter, shoot an assault weapon bubble blower, eat some Twinkies and boss whoever might be around to clean up our mess. Yep, I’m a rebel.

    Great graphic JTR 😀 Happy Friday!!

    • Thanks, Teach! and as for the graphic: you inspired me, my friend.

      It’s still **painfully** slow for me (which is why I make them in a darkened room with the shades drawn, so no one laughs while I struggle and cuss), …but I’m getting a tiny bit faster.
      I think.

  2. livinrightinpgh

    They’ll never stop. They’ll never, EVER, stop. Once again, the Constitutional rights of the citizen don’t matter to the Left. It’s all about the agenda: Control, and more control. So, I guess it makes sense that they figure it’s easier to IMPOSE their antics on an UNARMED citizenry. You can BET that should the day ever come that they were successful in their gun grab, THEY would most certainly have their permits and permits for their goon squads.

  3. I came to the realization that libs don’t like guns because they are afraid of them when I was discussing this with my sister. After listening to her for a few minutes, I said, “You’re afraid of guns, aren’t you?” She said, “Yes!”

    I see NO reason not to have military weapons. We should be armed to the teeth, just as the military is.

    • Agreed, tannngl.
      Crazier still is that she’s going after these and they’re merely SEMI-automatic. There’s no functional difference between how these operate and hundreds of other semis, …beyond their “military appearance”.

      And the truly saddest part of all is that I doubt she has a clue of the differences between semi- & full- automatic, or even cares. Yet she’s the one up on Capitol Hill.
      God help us all.

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