Democrat Senator Feinstein on Gov’t Surveillance: Rules for Me, but Not for Thee

WWII - FEINSTEIN poster listening 2

It must be wonderful to live in a world where the rules don’t apply to you, …because you make all the rules.

And it must come as quite a shock when suddenly your rights are being usurped, right along with those of the hoi polloi:

(via Washington Post) – “…Senate Intelligence Committee chair Dianne Feinstein (D, Calif.) made waves Tuesday when she publicly accused the Central Intelligence Agency of spying on Senate computers in an alleged attempt to thwart her committee’s investigation into Bush era interrogation and detention practices. The senator even suggested that the agency had violated the Constitution and federal law.

But while Feinstein is up in arms about the intelligence agency’s search of her staff’s computer system and network, she has been an avid defender of National Security Agency surveillance programs. “It’s called protecting America,” she said shortly after the news broke that the NSA was collecting domestic phone records in bulk...”

Yet another example of our elected royalty in Congress subscribing to the axiom: “Rules for Thee, but Not for Me”.

Funny how often that happens, isn’t it?

Regardless, Remy from ReasonTV reworks an old Alanis Morissette tune (which was painfully horrible) into a sharp bit of satire, and then promptly hangs it around Senator Feinstein’s neck.

3 responses to “Democrat Senator Feinstein on Gov’t Surveillance: Rules for Me, but Not for Thee

  1. livinrightinpgh

    Once again, the RAGING hypocrisy of our elected officials is on full display. NSA surveillance on the public? No problem.
    NSA surveillance on Congress? TREASON! UNCONSTITUTIONAL!
    PPACA for the masses? GREAT coverage and lower costs.
    PPACA for Congress? Too expensive and we want our old plans.

    Paging Mr. Orwell….

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