With Change like THIS, perhaps there IS Hope:

With Change like this, ...

(***courtesy of Gary Varvel)

There may still be hope for the upcoming generation… Below are two articles VERY much worth examining, each of which backs-up the sentiment so clearly expressed in the cartoon.

The first one’s by Michael Barone and is from several weeks back. However, it’s just as pertinent today as it was then, I promise:

Millennials Unhappy With Obama’s War on the Young

The second one’s from Jonah Goldberg, and touches on the potential impetus for this generation’s worldview. With Barack’s tales of lowering sea levels and his “we are the ones we’ve been waiting for” shtick, he repeatedly promised a virtual Heaven On Earth, and Millennials eagerly bought it.

But five years later, all they truly received for their efforts was an overly-thorough grasp of “Caveat emptor“:

Obama Deserves Share of Blame for Millennial Cynicism

Read ’em both, please; they’re worth it.

6 responses to “With Change like THIS, perhaps there IS Hope:

  1. livinrightinpgh

    I guess it’s time that the younger generation learned that they were “used”. At that point in life, it’s easier to be led astray by the smooooooooth talking Obama, who promised them everything from a receding ocean to student loan forgiveness. (Of course, I could say the same thing for minority voters who are in WORSE shape now than when the “messiah” took office.)

    Still, I don’t think “See! I told you so.” is how we win back the youth (or ANYone for that matter). It’s NOT about the Right being the “anti-Obama” or “anti-Left” party. It’s about becoming the party of IDEAS and improvements (ala 1994) for ALL of our society, and not just pandering to special interest groups who have been expertly designed and victimized by the Left.

    Today’s young people show a lack of trust (particularly for the Government), IMHO, because they haven’t seen role-models WORTH trusting.

  2. Great post. I have said since 2008 that people won’t learn until they feel the pain of their bad voting decisions, seems like that is happening.

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