This just in: Obama lied to you. Again.

Obama lied. Again.

Seriously, who could be surprised about this anymore?

(via National Review Online) – President Obama is going back on another chief promise he made regarding Obamacare. In a recent interview, he said that people may have to change their doctors because of the health-care law.

In 2009, during debate about the Affordable Care Act, the president claimed that, along with being able to keep your current plans, “if you like the doctor you have, you can keep your doctor, too.”

But in a WebMD interview that aired on Friday, President Obama reneged on that assurance. “For the average person, many folks who don’t have health insurance initially, they’re going to have to make some choices and they might end up having to switch doctors, in part because they’re saving money,” he said.

Video of the exchange is below:

Yes, I suppose it’s news that the World’s Most Dishonest Insurance Salesman admitted that he fibbed to his captive clientele for the umpteenth time. But that’s just the beginning, really.

First of all, remember this was promised to SAVE US MONEY. It was selling point number 1, 2, & 3. Nowhere in that repeated ad nauseam vow did he ever say “…uhhh, one more thing: you might have to switch your doctor in order to save money. Just thought you should know

As any regular reader here knows, I sold for and managed professional insurance sales teams for the better part of two decades. Conducting business the way our president has done would easily be sufficient cause to lose one’s insurance license, permanently. Bait-&-switch tactics are frowned upon in any sales situation, but the insurance industry is incredibly regulated and this is simply not allowed to occur without dire consequence to the offending individual.

Unless, I guess, you happen to occupy the Oval Office. Go figure.

Car salesman Obama

Sure, he promised other stuff, too, such as it’d provide coverage for the uninsured, and would protect everyone from having their coverage cancelled, etc.,… But since most folks already had insurance, the biggie promise was cost.

As in: your health insurance. Would. Cost. Less.

Which has been proven repeatedly to not be the case. And in many of the cases where lower costs ARE being realized, all that’s happening is deductibles are being raised to offset the higher premiums:

(via Bloomberg) – “…Four of five U.S. companies have raised deductibles or are considering doing so as health costs increase, according to a survey of more than 700 employers.

About one-third of the companies have already increased deductibles or other cost-sharing provisions like copays, and 48 percent are considering similar moves, the survey by New York-based consulting firm Mercer LLC found…”

Newsflash to Barack and his Media Apologists: raising deductibles was ALREADY available as an option before you foisted this legislative plague on us, guys. Far from making coverage “magically” cheaper, all this does is shift more of the risk and cost to the insured.

Which is pretty much the exact inverse of what our Salesman Of The Year was hawking from the get-go.

Snake Oil - Obama

Insurance isn’t all that complicated, and a good agent spends most of their time helping each client tailor a plan best suited for that client’s unique needs. Henry Ford’s famous quote in 1909, “Any customer can have a car painted any colour that he wants, so long as it’s black…” is anathema to the buying habits of today’s consumer.

People in the United States want and expect more choice, not less. And yet the president, despite his many assurances to the contrary, has forced fewer choices to be available. At higher costs. For worse coverage.

Funny, I don’t recall that being the sales pitch.

17 responses to “This just in: Obama lied to you. Again.

  1. livinrightinpgh

    My brother, we’ve talked about this COUNTLESS times. PPACA was NEVER truly about improved medical coverage, savings, etc. It was about the Federal Government taking over 16% of the economy, and using PPACA as a doorway into running our lives in every area – from what will can and can NOT eat, to over-regulating the food industry, to telling us who IS and who is NOT worthy of health care remedies at advanced ages.

    All of the verbal tripe about savings, keep your plan, keep your doctor, and the rest of the outright lies spewed by the Left were nothing more than the snake oil you show the Imperial President holding in the picture.

    Republicans: Take note. David Jolly won the recent Florida election over his Democrat opponent by running on a platform of REPEALING this nightmare of legislation. Forget whatever spin Debbie Wasserman-Schultz is trying to peddle from the Left, and the anti-Conservative bunk that Karl Rove is spewing. If PPACA was SO GREAT, it would be 100% implemented NOW, before the midterms.

  2. He needs another placard:
    “Can’t seem to help it…. it’s an addiction”

  3. Have to make some choices, like cheaper doctors, cable TV, your cell phone, maybe the house they live in to fit his priorities…..”all because I made that necessary, but you idiots should BELIEVE you have choices even though I pretty much stripped those away, as part of the plan.”

  4. livinrightinpgh

    And now we are hearing stories from the “UK Guardian” about backdoor legislative efforts to bring more PRIVATIZATION back into their broken, state-run, healthcare system. Oh, that’s right! The Leftist/Progressives in America are smarter…..DOH!

  5. Love the “I lied to you again” picture!
    It’s so perfect.
    Says everything right there. And he can keep smiling.

    • Thanks!
      I’ll admit, tannngl: ever since I started making most of my own graphics (for the past few months), I’ve been having a BIT more fun.

      I’m still kinda slow at it, but gettin’ faster every week…

  6. The big lie just gets bigger every time they try justifying this law. When you consider they are adding more people to medicaid, which doesn’t help cost in any way, shape or form. That would leave you about 25 million people if you believe the liar who didn’t or now don’t have health insurance.

    When you add the stuff people must now include in their plans that weren’t required before the chance of people saving money is impossible. Throw in the deductibles for some of these plans and people are going to be paying even more.

    What’s so damn affordable about the affordable care act? Nothing! Just a grab on their way to the bigger grab, all us sheep under their umbrella marching to be sheathed.

    • Don’t disagree with a single syllable, Blaine. That’s exactly it: they’re accruing more power through forced compliance, but there’ll be no actual benefit at the end. Any and all “failures” are just more things to be “fixed”, which will require more fixes later.

      All because of a false promise to insure more people while saving all of us money. Both lies. BIG ones. This latest one is just more of the same, and was 100% expected.

  7. Let’s not forget that it is not just that Obama is a pathological liar. His entire administration is run by people who must tell lies on a routine basis. Kathleen Sabelius’ outright prevarication to Congress about the 7 million enrolled number that was plainly stated last year is now being repudiated with “we never said that.” Do they really think we are that stupid? The longer I listen I think that answer to this question is yes. I think they believe that if they tell enough lies long enough we will not remember and let him off the hook. During the last presidential campaign debates, Mitt Romney, at one of his more effective moments, quoted statistics about oil drilling from the Obama Administration’s own website, and Obama, without batting an eyelash said that it was untrue. If I was Romney, I would have asked, “So if the numbers on your own website are untrue is that because your administration is incompetent or dishonest?” Obama is also counting on paying off enough people to get him the votes that he needs to keep some of the people happy and abuse the governmental power he has enough to shut the rest of us up, I honestly believe that this man has no scruples about doing so. Would you expect anything less from a Communist?

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