“Competence”: City Gov’t installs Dozens of Street Signs, …ALL with the Wrong Info

Right lane must right left 337

Government incompetence is almost ubiquitous these days, and it isn’t limited to the Feds by any stretch. Our local municipalities are more than capable of bollixing things just as thoroughly as the big boys on Capitol Hill.

Case in point, please consider the following:

(via Yahoo! News) – WFXT Fox 25 received a viewer tip that uncovered dozens of erroneous new signs that were placed around Boston, Massachusetts last summer. Mike Beaudet from WFXT’s Fox Undercover looked into the tip and found how wide-spread the problem was.

A glaring example of the blunder was on Commonwealth Avenue where just steps away from each other, a new 2A West sign had an arrow pointing left while the nearby older 2A West sign had an arrow pointing right.

Boston Signs - a

The station also discovered that there were numerous problems with signs along a stretch of Boston’s busy Massachusetts Avenue. At every intersection, every new sign for 2A directed drivers in the wrong direction. At the intersection of Columbus and Massachusetts Ave, there were yet again 2A signs pointing the wrong direction.

But even more surprising, there was a sign for Route 28 East, a road that doesn’t exist. Route 28 travels only north and south.

(*click HERE for the video*)

Hey, directions are hard! And in their defense, it’s not as if there’s any online computer maps around, or some sort of satellite-based “Global Positioning System” which they could have easily consulted…

Of course, not being able to properly differentiate between “Left” and “Right” also might help explain much of Boston’s politics. Just a thought.

6 responses to ““Competence”: City Gov’t installs Dozens of Street Signs, …ALL with the Wrong Info

  1. godsbooklover

    I used to live in Boston, and I know how they drive there…maybe this is an insidious way to confound crazy drivers and bring them to a standstill? But then again, I don’t think Boston drivers actually READ street signs…so it probably doesn’t matter. But pity the hapless tourist who is fool enough to get behind the wheel in Beantown. Oy vay.

  2. Great article. (Saw it thru EN.) But hey, as long as GPS has them programed, no problemo.

  3. In my opinion, this is another example of too many laws mean mass confusion.
    Also: from the picture, the old signs look perfectly fine to me.

  4. livinrightinpgh

    It’s all Mitt Romney’s fault….

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