It’s “Not Relevant” When A Life Begins, says #PlannedParenthood Prez


What can you even say about this?

(via Lifesite News) – Planned Parenthood President Cecile Richards told an interviewer on Thursday that “I don’t know that it’s really relevant” to consider when life begins when discussing abortion.

Video below:

More from the article:

“At the moment the sperm cell of the human male meets the ovum of the female and the union results in a fertilized ovum (zygote), a new life has begun,” according to the 1976 Van Nostrand’s Scientific Encyclopedia. The 1993 book Before We Are Born: Essentials of Embryology and Birth Defects says fertilization “represents the beginning of a human being.”

Numerous other textbooks reveal the same conclusion.

If life begins at conception, abortion is clearly the taking of a human life.

But using Ms. Richards’ definition, none of this matters. Nope, it’s not really my son or daughter until AFTER he or she is born. Once they’re born, yay!… it’s a party. But ten minutes earlier? To Cecile Richards, that little baby is as disposable as an out-of-date coupon.

Speaking as someone who was present during both of my sons being born, I honestly have no clue how anyone could hold that opinion, …especially a mother.

Take a good look, everyone; a good, long look. THIS is what we’re fighting. THIS is why we need to pray more, and bug our Congressmen more, and talk with our kids more, and discuss this with more people who are possibly persuadable. More and more pro-life laws are being passed each day: we CAN change the minds and hearts of our nation on this, but it won’t happen without all of our efforts.

And if words like Ms. Richards’ don’t outrage you, don’t motivate you into wanting to do more, I’m honestly not sure what could.

9 responses to “It’s “Not Relevant” When A Life Begins, says #PlannedParenthood Prez

  1. These people make me physically sick.

  2. I like the way he pressed her on it the second time, basically asking, what is it about the question “When does life begin?” that you find so intimidating? He could have pressed further and asked, why are you evading the question? That’s exactly the question I wanted to hear asked, not that she would have given a reasonable answer to it, but just to point out to everyone that she was having a rough time dodging the bullet.

    Thanks for the link to my blog, JTR. Thanks for calling Cici out on this. She deserves it.

  3. Eugenics. satan’s master plan at devaluing life, LIFE that is God given.

    Sharing this entry in full on The Christian Gazette, JTR.

    May those who have eyes to see and ears to hear receive God’s wisdom and guidance…

    • Thanks, Teach!
      And yes, we can’t make anyone hear. But if we don’t SAY anything in the first place, it won’t matter anyhow…

      (**BTW: Looks like you’ll need to change our font color over at the Gazette)

      • Yea, had to mess with it a bit… changed it all to black, it was invisible LOL so, now it is all white, it can be read, but the links are not of a different color :/ Oh well, as long as the message gets across, it don’t have to be purty 😉

  4. Pingback: Eugenics. satan’s master plan at devaluing life, LIFE that is God given. FULL reblog | The Christian Gazette

  5. livinrightinpgh

    From her perspective, I’m sure it DOESN’T matter to Ms. Richards. That whole “when does life REALLY begin” question just gets in the way, so let’s sweep it aside as if it’s a moot point. Yeah…that makes sense. The Liberal mind has evolved into devaluing life at both ends of the sprectrum: the unborn and the elderly. Convicted murderers can’t be put to death because THAT is inhumane, but a baby can be killed if the abortion is botched.

  6. Speaking as a former zygote, I’m here to tell you: LIFE BEGINS AT FERTILIZATION!
    I pray for our nation. We must get back to our first love. Of Jesus and of each other. Zygotes too.

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