Sniveling cretin Harry Reid to #Obamacare victims: You’re Lying…

Big Lie 5658

Ever hear someone say something so blatantly false that you’re practically stunned into silence (at least temporarily)? Ever hear a lie so bold, so insanely mendacious, that you can’t honestly believe you heard it accurately?

Ever hear a statement that is so categorically untrue, yet uttered with such apparent conviction, that you literally pinch yourself …a couple of times?

To borrow a phrase from Allahpundit: “Am I awake???”  =>

Quote from Guy Benson over at Townhall:

“…Not a tiny handful. Not even an imagined majority. No, every last person who says they’ve been harmed by Obamacare is lying, according to the Majority Leader of the United States Senate…”

And for a full rundown on just how dishonest this duplicitous little man is being here, please see the following:

Great news from Harry Reid: All ObamaCare horror stories are untrue

You Citizens Need to Stop Questioning #Obamacare….

Harry Reid on Obamacare Horror Stories: “All of Them Are Untrue”

Attempting to Silence #Obamacare’s Victims…

And just a few more, again courtesy of Guy Benson:

14 responses to “Sniveling cretin Harry Reid to #Obamacare victims: You’re Lying…

  1. Would love to see an ad with testimonials from REAL victims of O-care, interrupted every so often with the clip of Reid calling them liars. Of course, Reid’s comments fall right in line with Michelle O calling young people who don’t sign up for PPACA “Knuckleheads”…..

    Very compassionate bunch, them Lefties!

    • The sad fact is that creeps like Reid believe they ARE compassionate, simply as a result of their political opinions. What they actually DO is unimportant, as long as they hold the correct views.

      I’m just going to refer to him as “Weasel” Reid from now on, and not worry about that being offensive to actual weasels…

  2. That would be a wonderful ad, Pgh!

    I’d love to see all these poor people who are now having trouble or are unable to purchase their health insurance sue Harry Reid for libel.

  3. Am I following this guy correctly?

    The story was promulgated through an ad; the ad was paid for by billionaires; so it’s false. Repeating that twice suffices to say that all victims of ObamaCare are liars.

    This is our senate majority leader? How is it possible?

    • My sentiments exactly, James. I’m quite literally amazed at this, especially when the weight of evidence to the contrary is as big as it is.
      That he is a multiple-time elected leader in our Senate is now nothing less than an outrage, …and that comes after some truly outrageous previous statements.

      Harry Reid is either completely delusional, or the biggest congenital liar in Congress. And either explanation warrants him unfit for office.

  4. Senator Reid is a despicable human being. This is the same jackass who said that Mitt Romney, who despite his flaws is at the very least a decent guy, made him ashamed to be a Mormon. Reid is nothing more than a tool for Obama. His obstructionism in the Senate ensures that any useful debate is squelched in order to protect congressional Democrats from actually going on record and voting against the will of the American people. Shame on Nevada for re-electing this lying, horse’s backside.

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