You Citizens Need to Stop Questioning #Obamacare….

Are You Causing Trouble

It is now painfully clear that all criticism or questioning of our President’s signature legislation is now officially prohibido.

Consider this an UPDATE to last week’s “Attempting to Silence #Obamacare’s Victims“:

So let’s review, shall we?

  • A woman fighting cancer has an insurance plan she likes.
  • She LOSES that plan due to Obamacare (…thanks again for that, Mr. President…).
  • She spends months trying to figure out how to replace it, causing tremendous stress in an already stressful time.
  • She ends up with a plan that, while having an initially cheaper premium, also contains all sorts of out-of-pocket expenses which she has no clue when they’ll hit during the year.

There’s one more very real concern here which no one has addressed (yet): Ms. Boonstra might still end up losing her doctor, expressly due to Obamacare’s Reimbursement Rates. Just as with Medicare and Medicaid, having doctor’s reimbursement levels dictated by the government doesn’t make the actual costs TO the doctor less expensive. Increasingly, many doctors are simply opting out of Obamacare altogether.

Obviously, plenty of doctors are taking a ‘wait-and-see’ approach and are attempting to ride it out this year, but that doesn’t mean they won’t change their minds, with oncology specialists like the one Ms. Boonstra uses being among the most likely to leave first.

In short, this whole mess has created enormous chaos and uncertainty in a situation that didn’t need any more of either.

But sure, Lefties, go ahead and tell this lady that she’s crazy.


If this all strikes you as eerily familiar, it’s because we saw this almost exact scenario just a few months back in November 2013, when a cancer victim dared to raise her hand and complain about losing her coverage.

Must just be a coincidence:

Then, as with Ms. Boonstra today, the compassionate-&-caring Democratic response was to yell at this American citizen, tell her she’s nuts, and remind her that Obamacare is supremely wonderful, so just shut up already…

Oh, and don’t forget about Bill Elliot, yet another cancer patient who complained about losing his insurance. If you’ll recall, he was promptly slapped with an IRS audit for his troubles.

My, oh, my, …those “coincidences” just seem to keep piling up, don’t they?

silencing dissent 444

There have been a myriad of other instances, of course, where people have been hurt by the Affordable Care Act. And it should be noted that they aren’t being reported by right-leaning sources, either:

“…The Washington Post, for example, writes about Obamacare’s “biggest losers” who had their plans canceled but could not access the health exchange to get another plan to begin coverage January 1. One man, John Gisler, was forced to look outside the exchange, forgoing thousands of dollars in subsidies, because the plan for his son with a rare degenerative disease was canceled and he could not access to buy a new one in time.

The Los Angeles Times writes about many people who have fared badly under Obamacare, including Jennifer Harris, whose old plan was canceled and who found the cheapest alternative under Obamacare is nearly 243 percent more than her old one…” 

These examples, plus others which received far less attention, constitute an extremely troubling trend. Basically, if you complain about Obamacare, the best you can hope for is to be ignored and at worst, attacked.

This entire sordid situation clearly warrants more than just a few questions be answered, properly, by both our leaders and the media itself.

Too bad that seems to no longer be allowed in Obama’s America.

12 responses to “You Citizens Need to Stop Questioning #Obamacare….

  1. If you like your opinions about obamacare, you can keep your opinions about obamacare…to yourself…

  2. Normally, Obama will trot out ONE “victim” upon which an entire law is pursued. That ONE person is ALL the reason needed.

    Now, with the PPACA, we have THOUSANDS of people (not PROPS) who are adversely affected by the law and we’re supposed to just brush them aside? REALLY??!!!

    I was on the phone this morning with a friend who is in the health care market as a company rep. Her details of the HUNDREDS of people who are calling her office are horrifying. Lost coverages. Higher premiums. HUGE deductibles. All of this in the name of a phantom group of 7 million that the POTUS claims are now “on the plan”…and the fifteen million …scratch that…20 million…..ummmm, scratch THAT…..30 million……wait….now it’s FORTY FIVE MILLION “uninsured”. Can we AT LEAST settle on a number?

    • You see that graphic that I made at the top, Pgh?
      You’re doing “it”.

      I sense an IRS audit in your future.

      • I said only “thousands” were adversely, and not the actual and true “MILLIONS” just so as to AVOID the audit…..They’ll be HAPPY with me if they think I believe only thousands have been affected.

        • You’re giving them far too much credit to be able to discern such a subtle difference.
          Don’t worry: I’ll save you a nice spot in the dungeon…, …I mean, “Auditing Center”.

          • Yeah, for people that hated “if you are not for us, you are against us” they have taken it to a new extreme..

            • Obamacare is the new patriotism?

            • Yeah, except that they’re substituting “pride in Obama” for “pride of country”.

              Conservatives didn’t take pride in GWB, the man: we were proud that someone who loved our country was President. It certainly didn’t keep us from disagreeing with Bush.

              That’s completely different from this push from the Left to silence/bully anyone who finds fault with O-care. This is loyalty to a man (or maybe a law), but not a nation.

              Oh, and kindly notice that the folks who scream “War On Women!” if you look at them cross-eyed, apparently have no problem with trying to destroy these women who are battling cancer and are ACTUAL victims….

              You’re 100% correct, Hatfield: they’ve taken this to an entirely new level.

  3. Reblogged this on That Mr. G Guy's Blog and commented:
    Death Panels anyone?

  4. I don’t know how you constantly come up with fresh material. Bravo @JTR. And keepum coming.

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