The Science has been “settled” BEFORE, too…

In light of a recent statement from CNN (which simply echoes the president and others), this seems quite appropriate.

Courtesy of Chip Bok:

Science is settled 2014

As well as this from Charles Krauthammer:

Obama’s myth of ‘settled science’

“The debate is settled,” asserted propagandist in chief Barack Obama in his latest State of the Union address. “Climate change is a fact.”


There is nothing more anti-scientific than the very idea that science is settled, static, impervious to challenge. Take a non-climate example. It was long assumed that mammograms help reduce breast cancer deaths. This fact was so settled that Obamacare requires every insurance plan to offer mammograms (for free, no less).

Now we learn from a massive randomized study — 90,000 women followed for 25 years — that mammograms may have no effect on breast cancer deaths. Indeed, one out of five of those diagnosed by mammogram receives unnecessary radiation, chemo or surgery.

So much for settledness.

And climate is less well understood than breast cancer. If climate science is settled, why do its predictions keep changing? And how is it that the great physicist Freeman Dyson, who did some climate research in the late 1970s, thinks today’s climate-change Cassandras are hopelessly mistaken…?

Charles’s entire article is well-worth your time, I promise.

Please be sure to read it all.

7 responses to “The Science has been “settled” BEFORE, too…

  1. No science is ever ‘settled’. New discoveries are made with frequency. Science theory is ever changing; it’s not static.

    Oh, and about that theory of climate change?
    These ‘scientists’ don’t even look at the sun’s input into our climate. I always thought that was the most influential and our sun had gone mysteriously silent. Have they even noticed?

  2. I don’t know if you follow him but cosmoscon is wonderful at debunking these ridiculous claims of AGW cult. I love how pResident Obama has now changed the meaning of the word FACT with doofus Kerry in tow as well proclaiming the GlobalWarming is a WMD. Good article JTR.

  3. Obama, et al, would have called all of us “deniers” back in the day when we argued that the world was round. But you have to give the Left credit: they can remain firmly planted in a lie and continue to spread it with a cult-like commitment….Kool Aid, anyone? What? You want grape?

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