Fighting the Food Fanatics

“Life Tastes Good…”

(*Coca-cola slogan from 2001)


We’ve heard it all our lives: Don’t eat this, don’t drink that. Such-and-such food is horrible for you!! And this other food? Even worse.

Sure, burgers-&-fries are a given. But there’s TONS more: Trail mix. Canned soup. Bread. Gluten. Soda. Granola. Sugar.

…All bad. Evil, in fact.

no-junk-food3“Evil” is more accurate, at least based on the popular rhetoric. After all, each proclamation is broadcast and echoed with a religious fervor that’d put most congregations to shame.

These various foods and ingredients are “temptations”, you see, which makes us (the consumer) the sinners in need of absolution.

Conveniently, some fare doesn’t stay evil forever. Healthy Food-ism is apparently a “living” religion and subject to constant change. I suppose this makes it loads better than those other, ‘stuffier’ religions which are always hung-up on old, boring, permanent truths.

For instance, recall the brouhaha over butter: thought to be a truly wicked comestible for ages, it now seems to be “good” again. So kindly disregard the last 50+ years of saturated fat finger-wagging and fear-mongering.

And salt (which not long ago was unquestionably bad, bad, bad) is in the middle of an image makeover, leaving the High Priests of Provender a bit confused as to its status.

But these are minor exceptions, and not to be dwelt upon. Especially when there are so many sinners to set on the path of Sustenance Salvation!

Thus we hear of schools throwing kids’ packed lunches away, or fining parents for what their children brought for lunch. Who do you parents think you are, anyway??

Woe to you who flout the laws of the Church of Healthy Eating, for you will be judged, …harshly:

(via – Michelle Kwan shouldn’t be allowed to do advertisements for Coca-Cola while sitting on a presidential fitness and nutrition council, a leading healthcare nonprofit said Wednesday.

The D.C.-based Center for Science in the Public Interest lambasted the Obama administration over the former Olympic figure skater’s ad, arguing that allowing her to endorse the sugary drink undermined the integrity of President Obama’s Council on Fitness, Nutrition and Sports.

Kwan - Coke ad 555
(click image for full-size display)

Kwan is holding a regular Coke — not a Diet Coke or no-calorie Coke Zero — in the website ad. The nonprofit says Kwan and at least five other athletes on the panel are current or former “endorsers of sugar drinks.”

It said it was impossible to reconcile Kwan’s efforts on the nutrition commission with her paid support for a soft drink company, “since Coca-Cola and the President’s Council communicate opposing messages when it comes to sugar drinks.”

Let it be known by one and all: the Food Magisterium does not tolerate heresy.

All kidding aside, the Kwan-Coke episode is just the newest front in an ongoing battle, one which has ominous financial implications for our nation. And the Healthy Food-ers are being used for much darker purposes than most of them realize.

Not long ago, the American Medical Association declared that it’ll now consider obesity a disease, implicitly granting the Food Pharisees imprimatur to go about converting the nation:

(via The CATO Institute) – “…But while obesity is a real problem, the AMA’s move is actually a way for its members to receive more federal dollars, by getting obesity treatments covered under government health plans. A bipartisan group of congressmen has already seized on the AMA declaration as they push for Medicare coverage of diet drugs.

Observers also expect an effort to expand Medicare reimbursement for bariatric surgery, a.k.a. stomach stapling. And there will almost certainly be pressure to mandate coverage for these things by private insurance carriers, under both state laws and the Affordable Care Act…”

Gee, who didn’t see THAT one coming?

Eat what youre told...

Besides, personal responsibility is so passé:

“…the AMA decision shifts responsibility for weight loss from the individual to society at large, while expanded Medicare and insurance coverage socialize the cost of treating obesity, thereby inviting all manner of government mischief.

After all, if being fat is not our fault, the blame must lie with food companies, advertising, or other things that need to be regulated…” 

As was suspected all along, once you get past all the self-righteous hyperventilating and guilt-assigning, this is just another grab for money/power by the lawyers, the statist sympathizers and government power-brokers. Predictably, the movement to sue “Big Food” is already gaining momentum, and the Obama White House’s position on this is extremely well-known.

You’re shocked, I know.

Yet if we acquiesce and allow the Food Industry to be blamed for our health, rather than our own decision-making, what’s left? The food we consume is one of our last pure freedoms, and I doubt if most of us actually desire to start emulating countries purported to eat “healthier” than us.

But don’t bother mentioning any of that to our self-appointed Lords of Larder: piddling matters like “free will” and “individual choice” are of zero concern when there’s a nation to save from itself:

26 responses to “Fighting the Food Fanatics

  1. … and eggs. Don’t forget those evil oblong shells of death! :p

    You hit it again JTR, spot on. I ran a healthy living forum for years (it’s still online for the extensive library of articles it contains) and the people who would come on and advocate for or against certain foods was unreal. *rolling my eyes* Moderation is my thing. If I want a soda pop (cola), I’ll have one. Anyone with a food poo poo issue, I just say “your mom”. :p But, your article here hits on the more important issue (because after all, there have ALWAYS been those trying to force others to do their will), the fact that they are trying to get ‘the man’ involved to bring in the regulations.

    • Eggs!!! One of my three favorite foods, along with peanut butter (Peter Pan only, please) and coffee.
      I could live on those three items for a very, very long time.

      But as always, there’s a money motive here, and it’s the usual players: lawyers, the government, and the Special Interest du jour. We’ll all get soaked financially, and be less free as a result.

      And, sadly, exactly what I’ve come to expect these days…

  2. BACON!!!!! I LOVE BACON!!!!
    Great post, JTR.
    It’s all just part of us not knowing how to stay alive. Our government must take control. Wonder what’s next?
    Oh, death panels? Guess they’ll tell us when to die too.

    • Thanks, tannngl. And who doesn’t love bacon?? 😀

      Scary thing is, it seems lately no matter what topic I start writing about these days, I always end up coming back to the Government….
      Must be a coincidence.

    • OMGOSH!!! BACON!!! I think I might die without that too. EVERYTHING is better with BACON! 😀

      • While I’m not sure everything is better with bacon…, I am ALSO willing to be proven wrong about that.
        So go ahead, Do your worst!! I dare you to bring me a bacon meal I don’t like!

        (*blogger then tucks in his napkin, and calmly awaits dinner*)

        • I’ve heard it said that “While money can’t buy happiness, it CAN buy bacon, which is pretty much the same thing.”

        • Dude, I’m country and down here, we put bacon on everything… even a hot fudge bacon milkshake. HAHAHA I’ve actually never tried that, but it’s a thing. When my husband and I go to the buffet (we try to go twice a month, if we have coupons), the ONLY thing I have is: 2 flutes of mimosa, scrambled eggs, fresh crumbled blue cheese and tons of bacon (we don’t buy bacon for the home, too expensive and messy to cook LOL), 1 flute of reg champagne and 1 or 2 flutes of pink champagne to accompany the luscious chocolate mouse dessert… ah, so luxurious. It may sound like I booze it up, but, they don’t put much alcohol into those ‘champagne’ drinks LOL

          Now, use that napkin and wipe off the drool o_O

  3. There are a couple of issues here that concern me greatly.

    First, the nationalization of our health care system is going to let Big Brother into EVERY aspect of our lives, including what foods are and are NOT acceptable. It is NOT unreasonable to expect to see limits and restrictions on things like soda, beef, sugars, etc.,. now that such things “affect us all”.

    Second, by demonizing certain foods and holding the manufacturers or preparers of these foods liable (instead of saying: “HEY! Tubby…PUT DOWN THE FORK AND SPOON! STEP AWAY FROM THE CHEESEBURGER!) the government will use fines and penalties to go after the “deep pockets” in the picture.
    Frankly, it’s another example of how the Left wants to COMPLETELY remove any aspect of personal responsibility and since the average person on the street doesn’t have the $, we’ll go after the companies.

    All I can say is this: You had BEST stay away from MY BACON!
    You try to take that away, and….oh brother….it’s ON!

    • This, exactly. health care is the gateway to so much control, once the govt gets into health care, then they can decide that absolutely everything in your life impacts your health, needs regulations, etc etc. and I do mean everything.

      The other issue with food, it proves how often “experts” are just wrong about stuff that leads to legislation and bans.
      Anyway. Bacon! 🙂

      • Couldn’t have said it better, Kristina!

        It was always about control, and now nothing is off limits…
        As for the so-called Eating Experts: they’re so wrong, so often, that I simply ignore them. I’m a Food Heathen, apparently.

        And lastly, with all the talk about bacon here, I’m starting to get more than a little hungry…

      • Control. Regulation. Punishment. This is the Obama legacy. Khrushchev must have had Barry in mind when he uttered those famous words about America and Capitalism falling without a shot being fired. Of course Obama CAN take out a US citizen with a drone if necessary.

        • It’s because people with no experience of an unfree system, or education to understand what that means, so easily give away their freedom for a promise of convenience or some freebies. Tragic considering it’s exponentially more difficult to ever get it back again.

  4. Nothing is my fault!

    Wishing I had cooked up some bacon to put on those hamburgers we just had for dinner. It’s all your fault for not posting this sooner. 🙂

    • C’mon, Lori!! What self respecting person doesn’t keep bacon handy at a moment’s notice?? LOL! Ya know, Sam’s Club sells those bags of Hormel pre cooked bacon crumbles for just such a level of preparedness. The bacon war is coming. Will YOU be prepared??

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