Detroit Mom Protects Her Family from Home Invasion, w/ a little help from the 2nd Amendment

WXYZ - Detroit mom fights back

This Detroit mother-of-two needs to spend a few hours at the shooting range to improve her accuracy, but all-in-all this goes in the books as a “win”.

Video courtesy of WXYZ – Detroit:

At the risk of mentioning the obvious: this could’ve turned out far, far differently (and by “differently”, I mean “not better”) if Barack Obama & Company had gotten their way last year.

Or worse, if she had listened to some of the more inane suggestions offered by the Gun Control lobby.

But they weren’t successful, and she didn’t listen. Today, she and her children are perfectly fine, and three punks are in jail.

Nicely done, ma’am.

9 responses to “Detroit Mom Protects Her Family from Home Invasion, w/ a little help from the 2nd Amendment

  1. Great story. I love it when criminals learn a hard life lesson.

  2. Target practice, definitely. Because you can BET that they WILL get out of jail, and they WILL come back to her home.

    Reminds me of the UNDER reported story of the off duty cop in Chicago who shot some dude who held him up at gun point at a gas station. You know, where Obama’s gun control ideology is in full display? Law abiding citizens can’t get a CCP, so the criminals have guns, the murder rate is among, if not THE, highest in the nation. At least an off duty cop is ALLOWED to carry their weapon. The rest of those poor souls in Chicago have NO defense.

  3. Go, Mom!

    And go to the range and do some shooting, please.

  4. Well done, mom!

    Too bad this will never see the light of day on MSNBC or ABC or CBS…

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