A Brief Celebration of Marriage

Since this is Valentine’s Weekend, and last Sunday was Worldwide Marriage Day, it seems appropriate to celebrate one of the greatest gifts that God ever gave to us: marriage

wedding rings - husband and wife 353

I stumbled across a brief sermonette by Jonathan Bartlett of Bartlett Publishing, which was given at his brother-in-law’s wedding. It hits on themes which are, sadly, too rarely heard in our society nowadays:

“…We are here today to celebrate the marriage of Billy and Stasia.

It is worthwhile to take a moment and reflect on this mystical union between man and woman. Aristotle noted that all civilization starts with the natural attraction between husband and wife, which brings them together to form a family, and from the interactions of families, we get towns and cities. Thus we see in Billy and Stasia not only the beginning of their lives together, but the very roots of society spreading further.

Not only is marriage the foundation of society, but it is also the foundation of unity in humanity. The divide between man and woman is the ultimate divide. Races can be mixed. Religions can be syncretized. Cultures can be influenced. But man and woman have been split from the beginning, more distant than any two tribes or nations, and no amount of breeding can ever remove the boundary.

It is only through marriage that the two parts of humanity are reunited back into one. And it is marriage as a symbol of unity that gives us all hope for any peace among anyone else.

However, since men and women are so different, sometimes maintaining unity is difficult. God gives us some help in nature by giving us attractions to each other. As Garth Brooks said, “Some times we fight just so we can make up“! While attraction brings us together, it doesn’t bond.  For that, we need love. Some days choosing to love is easy, and other days it’s harder. 

But we must choose it each and every day, for it is the highest Christian virtue…”   

After twenty glorious years of marriage, I’d agree with every word, but maybe especially the “choose every day” part.

So today (and every day), please feel free to congratulate, encourage, or pray for someone’s marriage… including your own. Every couple will appreciate it, and all couples need it.

3 responses to “A Brief Celebration of Marriage

  1. Ephesians 5:22 – 33 gives us the blueprint for a successful marriage. Sadly, it is often MISinterpreted and used as a club rather than the exhortation to love that The Lord calls us to.

  2. Beautiful. Yesterday, I attended a wedding where this song was was beautifully sung. Congratulations on 20 years of marriage.

    • Thanks so much. Officially, our 20th anniversary is in a couple months, but I’m rounding up.

      And it’s been a truly wonderful 20 years. I’m a very blessed man, no question….

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