No, #Obamacare will NOT lower insurance premiums by “$2,500 per family per year…”

Barack Obama Campaigns Less Than Two Weeks Away From Election Day

“…and if your employer does offer health care, we’re gonna work with your employer to lower premiums by up to $2,500 per family per year…”

-(Barack Obama, repeated approximately 1.6 billion times)

This was NOT some minor aspect of the whole health care debate. It was a central, mantra-like selling point specifically designed to placate the country into believing the Affordable Care Act would be a huge cost benefit to one-and-all:

Of course, by now we’ve all seen the various headlines for quite some time, such as this one from the ‘USA Today’ in December of 2013:

“Employees will pay more for health care in 2014″

But even reports like THAT were widely ignored. Let’s face it: we’re prone to believe that bad news’ll happen to someone else, yet somehow avoid us. No, it’s only at individual families’ kitchen tables and in countless small business’ Benefits Offices where everyone is finally figuring out just how big a lie the President’s “…$2,500 lower per family…” claim always was.

The recent news story we covered from Pittsburgh highlighted one all-too typical example, when workers discovered that virtually ALL of them would pay more in health care premiums. Even the one employee who found he’d save money now had a towering annual deductible, making the coverage itself far less useful to him.

ACA - Obamacare

But lest you be fooled into thinking that was just an isolated incident, I decided to look for more…, and I didn’t need to search very hard.

Deciding to concentrate on just one state, I chose Tennessee, which was alleged to have one of the lowest average Obamacare premiums in the country. As you might guess, what I found was …somewhat less than comforting.

Make no mistake: THIS is Obamacare, kids…

10 responses to “No, #Obamacare will NOT lower insurance premiums by “$2,500 per family per year…”

  1. Great post. If this whole mess wasn’t such a disaster, the lefty spin would be hilarious.

    Sometimes I feel like life is a really bad SNL skit.

  2. livinrightinpgh

    It’s amazing. Obama will CREATE a crisis and trot out ONE person who’s supposedly affected by the problem. Next the media goes BANANAS with how HORRIBLE the problem is – as evidenced by this ONE person’s “suffering” – and the Dems in Congress LEAP into action.

    Contrast that with the REALITY that is the NIGHTMARE of Obamacare and the Left’s continued defense of it. That the Left has any chance of winning elections later this year is evidence of the abject ignorance of far too many voters.

  3. I just do not understand how anybody can defend this law. There were already government programs available for healthcare. If this is a SNL skit, turn off the TV please!

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