#Obamacare, the Media, and Lying about Lying


You may have heard that the CBO (Congressional Budget Office) recently released a disastrous report which detailed that Obamacare was likely to result in 2.3 million fewer jobs.

But as fast as that news came out, the Democrats and their Media shills issued a counter narrative: “No, that’s not true! It’s not that Obamacare will kill jobs! It’s only that people will choose not to work (or work as much) so as to qualify for health care subsidies, and THAT means that there’ll be the equivalent of 2.3 million fewer people working.

See? It just kills employment, not jobs, which is TOTALLY different! Sorta…”

Of course, the casual news gatherer (which is way more than half the population) never heard the second half of that argument. They heard “No, that’s not true…”, and the rest faded into Miss Othmar’s voice from the Charlie Brown cartoons. No matter, they got the gist: those Republicans have obviously lied once again about King Barack the Beneficent and his glorious Health Care Machine. The details as to exactly if, how or why they lied are probably unimportant, anyway.

Except that they’re not.

With all the Left’s frantic bloviating, they are attempting to spin a distinction without a difference. In short, they’re lying about the Republican’s lying. This was in evidence everywhere you looked, from NBC News, to ABC News, and in the New York Times.

Here’s a perfect example from CNN’s Anderson Cooper:

Notice that Anderson accuses the Republicans of spinning facts, “even when the facts are well-known”. Yet that is exactly what HE’s doing. Cooper eventually cops to the actual argument that has been made (by me and countless others, including Republicans in Congress), which is that Obamacare incentivizes people to work less.

Naturally, this comes at the end of the segment, and only in passing.

But it begs the question: if people are going to “choose” to work less so as to make less money, which will allow them to qualify for more Government Goodies, …nitpicking over the difference between “jobs” and “employment” is a ridiculous splitting-of-hairs in today’s soundbite era. There will be 2.3 million fewer employed, net, as a direct result of Obamacare. Period. But to hear Anderson tell it, this is a horrible miscarriage of truth-telling and Republicans should be justifiably keelhauled for it.

Lying about lying is bad enough. That it comes in a segment laughably titled ‘Keeping Them Honest‘ makes it just that much worse.

Palin winkingWe saw this same approach to truthiness with Sarah Palin’s “Death Panels” comment way back when. Her shorthand term for the Independent Payment Advisory Board (IPAB) was a great way to communicate an essential aspect of Obamacare, but because the law doesn’t actually use the term “Death Panels” in its official verbiage, she was castigated as a liar.

To this day, I’m comfortably sure that an outsized percentage of the population is convinced she lied, yet those same folks have zero clue what the IPAB does, or that it even exists.

John Hayward cribbed the graph below from the left-leaning Brookings Institution, and then puts this entire issue into proper focus:


“…the bottom two groups, illustrated in green, will see increased “income” – largely as a result of subsidies, i.e. taxpayer loot.  That’s the same group of people that will be working less, thanks to ObamaCare.  Everybody else loses income, an effect whose scale is not entirely conveyed by charting percentages, since 0.3 percent of the top 10th income translates to a lot of dough, from a relatively small group of individuals.

Oh, and the people in the two groups that will see an income gain make less than $21,000 per year.  Everybody else loses. Everybody else gets poorer.  The people hit hardest, in the third group, make between $21k and $40k per year…”

That’s the ugly truth here, which Anderson Cooper and his fellow travelers have decided not to mention. Hey, why burden you with facts, when accusing the OTHER guy of lying is so much more fun?

Here’s a better exchange from the same conversation that Cooper mentioned between Paul Ryan and the CBO’s Elmendorf, which puts into stark relief why this law is so damaging:

Obamacare is a job killer, and now it’s been proven to be a human dignity killer, as well. Much like the recent passage of the Farm/Food Stamp bill, it creates a government-funded incentive to NOT work, to NOT produce. This is only beneficial if your ultimate goal is to have people dependent upon the State’s multitudinous handouts.

Once again, it reveals that Obamacare is primarily about control and politics, repercussions to our nation be damned.


Our economy is still struggling, and the workforce is shrinking. People see fewer opportunities and become more desperate as a result. Having Big Daddy offer to pick up the slack may be perceived as a godsend to some, but what if it was Big Daddy’s policies that created the dire situation in the first place? It’s like the guy who sets fire to an apartment building, just so he can help rescue the tenants and be labeled a ‘hero’.

Because there is nothing heroic about any of this: it’s villainy, pure and simple. And anyone who seeks to defend it is equally culpable in the crime.

10 responses to “#Obamacare, the Media, and Lying about Lying

  1. livinrightinpgh

    Mass entitlement designed to put more and more folks on the Plantation of Government, securing them as welfare and entitlement slaves. As Rep. Ryan asked: “Where’s the incentive for them to get on the ‘ladder of success’?” There is no incentive. Just more servitude to Master Obama and the Dems…

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    #Obamacare, the Media, and Lying about Lying

  3. “…This just in…Scientists have determined that increased seismic activity in the eastern U.S is not due to hydraulic fracking for natural gas, but is instead being caused by all of the “Founding Fathers” spinning in their graves at the same time…More at 6…”

    • There was a time when the Media tried to hide their bias to a degree, so as to be able to profess their “objectivity”. Not any more.

      I believe it happened during the 2000 election, when Gore lost. They seemed to pretty much come unhinged after that, and really were far more open about everything in the 2004 election. And then their guy lost. Again.

      THAT’s when they basically said “screw it”, and it’s been Katie-bar-the-door ever since 2008…

      And I wouldn’t worry about the Founding Fathers, Hatfield: they’re just stupid dead white racist sexist males, after all.
      What could they possibly have known?

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