You’ll NEVER guess what Congressional Democrats are freaking-out over now…

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If this is somehow a priority, then all of our country’s REAL problems must’ve already been fixed:

(via Real Clear Politics) – Several senators and a congressman want electronic cigarettes banned on the U.S. Capitol grounds.

In a letter sent yesterday to the House Office Building Commission and the Senate Committee on Rules, Sens. Dick Durbin, Richard Blumenthal, Sherrod Brown, Ed Markey, Tom Harkin and Barbara Boxer, along with retiring Rep. Henry Waxman, said that e-cigarettes should be treated the same way as cigarettes. The latter are currently banned at the Capitol, nearby office buildings, and within 25 feet of the entrance of those buildings.

In the letter, the Democratic lawmakers say it’s unclear whether e-cigarettes are safer than traditional cigarettes, and that banning them would be “an appropriate precautionary step to promote public health and maintain a safe environment for staff and visitors of the institution and its grounds.”

For the record, I don’t smoke cigarettes; never have. Nor have I ever smoked e-cigarettes, as they are used primarily as a way to either decrease or quit smoking. Thus, I don’t have a horse in this fight.

Which is why I need to ask my Lefty friends: Why?? Why are you FORCING me to actually care here? Because from my vantage point, you’re behaving as if we’re back in the Salem Witch Trials, and these e-cigarettes are tiny, evil, vapor-emitting wands.

Although if that were the case, I’m confident that you wouldn’t actually burn any e-cig users at the stake, due to the potential carbon emissions.

This is crazy, especially in light of recent news about ACTUAL smoking, but of marijuana. To the disinterested bystander, the dichotomy ‘tween the current discussions of e-cigarettes and pot is striking, to say the least. In an age when weed is being legalized in some states, is increasingly being touted as safe, and even President Choom Gang seems to be in favor of it, why are you guys now gunning for …water vapor?

What, are e-cigs some sort  of “gateway” drug, but pot isn’t? Honestly, I’m confused here.

E-Cig diagram 6454

Oh, one more quote from the article:

Several of the letter signers criticized the Golden Globes broadcast last month for glamorizing e-cigarettes and encouraging “young fans to begin smoking traditional cigarettes or e-cigarettes.” 

Ha-ha-ha!!! That’s hysterical, that is…

C’mon, kids, do you expect me to join you in your ‘outrageous outrage’ over celebrities NOT actually smoking, while at the same time asking me to turn a blind eye to every other example of this same group’s ridiculous, over-the-top, Caligula-ish lifestyle? Really?

Tell me that you’re just funnin’ me here. Please.

464 skeptical baby 3

Get a grip, guys. Tell you what: the next time you break out in hives over something, anything, which actually affects my life (IRS targeting, NSA phone-tapping, baby aborting, Congress by-passing, concealed carrying, or Freedom-of-Worship nullifying), I swear I’ll take you seriously about e-cigarettes.


But in the meantime, howsabout you take a gander at some other, slightly more “pressing” matters? I have a suggestion, just in case you’re not sure where to start.

30 responses to “You’ll NEVER guess what Congressional Democrats are freaking-out over now…

  1. livinrightinpgh

    Like all other things “Liberal”, it’s the APPEARANCE, not the substance, that counts. Let’s see: water vapor vs. SMOKE. Hmmm…. But, you can bet that some group with a really CATCHY name like “American’s For Truth Regarding E-Cigs” will issue a report that says they are even MORE dangerous than cigarettes, but surprisingly, marijuana is totally safe. Go figure.


  2. But, bro–they HAVE to have some hysteria in the wings (I’d say “smoke screens” but it would not be appropriate in this case, would it?)…in case we ever stop hyperventilating about the weather. (I think the MSM is being paid by the minute to invoke as much panic as possible about every inch of snow in the forecast. Not that I’m NOT sick of snow…but I’m also sick of being told to panic.)

    Great post, judging from my elevated blood pressure.

    • Thanks, Sis, even though I didn’t mean to adversely affect your blood pressure…

      The biggest part I don’t understand is that these are smoking SUBSTITUTES! They prevent people from inhaling… smoke.
      If people can’t openly use the substitute, then they’ll secretly use the real thing!

      • “The biggest part I don’t understand is that these are smoking SUBSTITUTES” … Think about that, the reason they don’t want them being used, is then they do not get their TAXES from the smokes! So, they must be against the ecig… so they can either tax it, or force people back to what is taxed.

        • I actually just wrote a reply on about this, Teach:

          QUOTE –
          “…A year ago, I’d absolutely have said the exact same thing. But with how nutty they are acting around this whole topic, I’m considerably less sure about that now.
          Yes, I’m certain some want to tax/control the heck out of e-cigs. No question. BUT, there’s a part of this crowd (a rather large part) that believes with all their heart that various things are simply evil: guns, cigarettes, Chick-fil-A, the Koch Brothers, etc.,…
          It now appears that e-cigarettes are being, or have been, added to the list. And those folks don’t want to tax anything/anyone on that list:
          they just want to burn ’em at the stake….”

  3. I smoke, both reg and e (but not mj)… this all boils down to control and money. Money, money, money. As most pet projects the progressives want to regulate do. Government can’t wait to get their mitts on e’s and tax ’em.

    • Undoubtedly true, Teach.

      Plus I believe once they mark something down in their book as “evil”, it’s there forever. That’s why things that LOOK like a gun are “dangerous”.

      Pop Tarts shaped like guns? Evil.
      Shirts with guns printed on them? Evil.
      Toy guns that only shoot suction-cup darts, or bubbles? Evil!
      And now: Electronic Cigarettes that have more in common with a hot shower than an actual cigarette? Evil, evil, evil!!

      Yeah, and supposedly WE’RE the “anti-science” crowd….?

      • You know the “attack-ticks”, the alinsky playbook instructs them to pick their target, make it ‘evil’ by changing mass opinion, and then control. (my paraphrase of course, didn’t feel like looking up the actual wording)… but I truly believe everything comes down to money/power. The ecigs are pure nicotine in water vapor (like you mentioned above)… and the only person they ‘could hurt’ would be the person puffin’ on ’em. Which means, the smoker cannot be controlled using shame (told where to smoke, when, how much to pay, etc…) so, they lose… and they don’t like that. 😉

        I’m so tired of all the ignorance, JTR. *sigh* … I got to get myself prepared for the new debt ceiling dog and pony show coming up, but DANG I’m sick of it all. Kinda just want to eat a magical apple, and wake up when it’s all over. :p

        • That really IS perfect, Teach!
          Saw that article on Twitter last night and thought of our conversation immediately, as well.

          Honestly, it’s like they’re just DESPERATE to prove me right sometimes…


  4. ROFLOL!!! Wow… wanna ‘clean up’ JTR? 😀

  5. I’m sure they’re doing it for the children. /sarcasm

    • And if they haven’t said it yet, Lori, give them time.
      They will…

      Like I just replied to Biltrix (below), if THIS makes sense to them, pretty much anything is possible going forward.

  6. “C’mon, kids, do you expect me to join you in your ‘outrageous outrage’ over celebrities NOT actually smoking, while at the same time asking me to turn a blind eye to every other example of this same group’s ridiculous, over-the-top, Caligula-ish lifestyle? Really?”

    You said it better than I could.

    • Oh, I don’t know, James: you have a pretty decent knack for turning a phrase or two yourself…

      But back to the discussion at hand:
      Of all the idiotic things to do, this petty move ranks up there.
      What’s next: outlawing candy cigarettes? A government mandate to rename the novel ‘Tobacco Road’? Banning smoked salmon?

      They’re just so painfully dumb….

      • I hate to be the one to break the news to you about candy cigarettes…

        • No, no: you can still find them. It’s just very, very DIFFICULT to find them.
          They’re still legal nationally, although some municipalities have passed ordinances locally. The big stores have simply been “shamed” into not carrying them.

          You’ll still see them in candy specialty stores, along with bubblegum cigars (the banana-flavored ones were my favorite, as I recall…)


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