VIDEO: Health officials shut down 11-year-old’s cupcake business

cupcake girl 47546ff

Congratulations, Government! Once again you have saved us from the evil clutches of Capitalism and Entrepreneurship, coming to us this time in the guise of an innocent-looking 11-year-old girl.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!

Why, if you hadn’t stepped in and ruthlessly CRUSHED her successful venture, we might have actually purchased some of these tasty treats, and accidentally enjoyed ourselves! Worse, this young tot might have learned to become self-sufficient and not needed government assistance later in life!

*whew* …THAT was close:

You can read more about this travesty over at the Daily Caller.

One more thing: a few months ago during the Government Shutdown, I worked up a graphic that made fun of excessive intrusion into our lives.

Sadly, today it’s even more true, …and substantially less funny:

Lemonade stand 444

6 responses to “VIDEO: Health officials shut down 11-year-old’s cupcake business

  1. livinrightinpgh

    Message to all children: YOU are only valuable to us on the Left as a PROP for our social programs. You will NOT demonstrate any initiative ( or WORSE, entrepreneurship).

  2. Ah yes! Another dastardly child-entrepreneur stopped in her tracks before she could do real harm to the unsuspecting public! I’m glad you posted this, it’s becoming more obvious just how insane even local governments are.
    Oh … I did read and comment on your post “Goodfellas”. You did an excellent job there!

  3. I don’t know whether to laugh or to cry… Build a second kitchen in your house that she can work from? Seriously? I’m speechless!

  4. Regulation without intelligence
    Intelligent design. Creation.

    Humans delusionally think they run things. I’m sure someone somewhere had a pretty good reasonable explanation for the 2 kitchen requirement…

    Might be like the young lady who had just been married. She decided to have the Thanksgiving meal for the family. She did everything as her grandma and mom did and they were both at her holiday celebration!
    She cut off the drumsticks and the bottom third of the turkey. She roasted what was left in her roasting pan and the kitchen smelled great all day long.
    When she served it her husband asked her where the bottom half of the turkey was. She said this was how she learned to do it from her mom. Her mom said she learned from her mom. Grandma said, “my roasting pan was too small so I cutt off the bottom 1/3 of the turkey.”

    Things sometimes get lost in time.

  5. Thank goodness we have the government to save us from ourselves!

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