The 2014 State of the Union: Two bright spots in an otherwise grueling evening


This was what I wrote around this time last year:

“…If you skipped the State Of The Union speech (and I couldn’t blame you if you did), then you missed roughly an hour of our president insulting our intelligence and lying about objective facts and figures.

So, basically, no real surprises…” 

And how was THIS year’s speech? The same. Actually, almost exactly the same. To the point that it will be easier to focus on this year’s differences, because the similarities would take much, much longer.

First of all, here’s the full transcript, just in case you have trouble falling asleep tonight.

Apart from the almost laughable repetitiveness of it all (“hey, let’s close Gitmo, …still!!“), the most entertaining part was watching Vice President Joe “The Human Gaffe Machine” Biden smirk, point, and gesticulate throughout the evening, acting every bit like an over-caffeinated 9-year-old attending his first grown-up party:

But once we get past the comic relief that is Joe, the overall tone of the evening was strained: it was trying a bit too hard at appearing sunny and upbeat. That probably stemmed from the evening’s theme, “We Can’t Wait”, which is verbal shorthand for Obama’s insistence that he’ll bypass Congress via Executive Order to accomplish whatever he wants to do.

And for some extremely odd reason, the Democrats in Congress seem awfully eager to allow him to do just that:

You know, I seem to recall the Left telling me that George Bush’s go-it-alone, “cowboy” strategy was not only unwise, but a threat to our democracy. I have to assume that if Bush’d had a catchy slogan like “We Can’t Wait”, everything would’ve been just dandy, right? Riiiiight….

President Obama then proceeded to run through a cavalcade of topics. First was the economy (it’s awesome!!), and then employment (even more awesome!!), which was then inexplicably followed by a call to …extend emergency Unemployment Insurance.

You know, ’cause everything is so “awesome”:

Then it was on to Equal Pay for Women, which I kinda/sorta thought he’d already fixed?

Unfazed, he then jumped to education and the vital importance of preschool:

“I propose working with states to make high-quality preschool available to every single child in America.” (B. Obama, SOTU speech, 1/28/13)

Only one problem, Mr. President: it doesn’t work, and as such is a colossal waste of our taxes. Not that wasting our tax dollars has ever concerned you before, of course.

tax-dollars 94654

Perhaps the most ridiculous part of the evening was when Barack started to trash-talk the Republican House about Obamacare, as if the last few months of Affordable Health Care-related disasters had not just happened. There was no mention of the millions of folks who couldn’t access the website, or who’ve lost their coverage, or who are paying more, or who’ve lost their doctor.

Nothing. Not a single acknowledgment of the ongoing costs and casualties stemming from his signature legislation. Because You. Don’t. Matter.

After a while, the speech started to feel like an endurance contest, even though it only lasted for a little over an hour. I know that, personally, I was ready to tap-out at almost any minute:

However, there were two bright spots during the evening, with the 1st being the final part of the address. It was when the President spoke about an Army Ranger, Cory Remsburg:

The entire tribute to Ranger Remsburg was wonderful, and completely deserving. Here’s the full NY Times backstory, if you’d like to read more.

The 2nd bright spot during the evening was Twitter or, rather, what was evident by watching Twitter that evening. Even Politico noticed:

“…Two media companies were trending on Twitter throughout the president’s speech on Tuesday: Fox News and Glenn Beck’s The Blaze. (NBC News enjoyed a few, brief moments toward the bottom of the list.) Does that mean more conservatives and libertarians were watching the State of the Union address than moderates and progressives — certainly not.

But it does mean that they were far more engaged in the Twitter conversation.

What does it mean? Maybe nothing. Maybe it’s just an echo-chamber shouting at one another. But if America’s political audience is indeed as apathetic as the data (above) suggest, all engagement is notable…”

Engagement is energy, and in an election year energy is a must. It’s still early yet, but let’s just say this bodes well for November.

Election 2014

As I stated earlier, the whole speech and surrounding theatrics felt strained, forced, put-on. Part of that was due to its sheer redundancy, I’m sure, but part was also the delivery: I couldn’t tell if Obama was desperate to convince me of something, or simply too bored to try.

Who knows? Maybe he didn’t know, either.

The whole evening reminded me of what the “pep talks” from a last place team’s coach must eventually sound like to his players. After a certain number of consecutive losing seasons together, he knows what he’s saying is complete hokum, and so do they, so why even continue the charade?

Good question.

13 responses to “The 2014 State of the Union: Two bright spots in an otherwise grueling evening

  1. Same rhetoric, different day.

  2. Great summary, JTR.
    It amazes me how he can spew so many lies and people still believe him.

    • The believe, because they so desperately WANT to believe.
      But most folks have a limit; not so with true Obama-fans.

      And if you need any more proof of that, check out the next post with the “video reaction” to the State Of The Union, from the Left.
      It’s …incredible.

  3. This speech was the dishonest final flailing last quacks of a lame duck. Loved your tweet!

  4. livinrightinpgh

    So, Mr. President….3 million people in O-care? Let me ask you: How many have actually PAID for coverage? Oh, and what about the 5 million who have LOST their coverage due to PPACA? And, if you don’t mind, how about the folks who’ve had their hours CUT to avoid PPACA?

    ONLY in YOUR world can we “help” the 25 million uninsured by getting coverage for MAYBE 3 million while LOSING coverage for 5 million and see it as a “victory”.

    Seriously: You never really gave up smoking pot, did you?

    If the economy is roaring along so efficiently, why do we have 20% of the country on food stamps? Why is unemployment among black men at over 20%? Why did you SHRINK the universe of available jobs other than to paint a PHONY picture of the U-3 number, while the U-6 is at Depression Era levels?

    The market has soared to 16,000+. Do you think that the TRILLIONS you’ve dumped in via quantitative easing has had an impact? Seems to me that all you’ve done is put money in the pockets of the very Wall-Streeters you claim to revile! Of course, your buddies in Congress have made a KILLING in the market since you don’t seem to find it necessary to include THEM in the “Insider Trading Act”. Wonder why?

    I now believe in zombies, thanks to you, Mr. President. Because only a brain-dead zombie could sit through that speech and nod their head in approval.

    ***BTW: is it JUST me, or does Joe Biden look like Walter the Puppet? Which, if he IS, begs the question as to who is propping him up.

    But I digress…..

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