If the President COULDN’T Lie, …What Would You Ask Him?

Robert - DejaReviewerToday we’re honored to have another offering from our friend, the Deja ReviewerAnd given the upcoming State Of The Union Speech, this post is particularly timely. 


In the 1997 comedy Liar Liar, Jim Carrey plays a dishonest lawyer named Fletcher who is dismayed when he finds himself unable to lie about even the smallest thing one day. This setup results in numerous memorable gags and funny jokes.

Liar Liar - JimOne of my favorites is when he drives like a maniac and gets pulled over by a police officer. He’s forced to relate every little misdeed he had just done, such as speeding, changing lanes without signaling, nearly hitting pedestrians, and more. But that’s not all.

The cop then asks if there’s “anything else?”, and Fletcher grudgingly admits that he’s accumulated dozens of unpaid parking tickets, and they’re hidden in the glove compartment.

After this deluge of painful confessions, he sinks into his seat and quietly says, “Be gentle.”

What if you could put President Barack Obama in the hot seat like that? What if all of his lies, misdeeds, and abuses of power were finally exposed, he didn’t have George W. Bush to hide behind anymore, and he finally had to own up to his mistakes?

Liar Liar Obama(1)Wouldn’t it be amazing if he got up in front of the American people during the State of the Union address or some other big public forum and he had to tell the truth? Or if you were in the audience at one of his Q&As and you could ask him anything?

What would you ask him?

Perhaps you should emulate the cop from Liar Liar and ask: “Why don’t we just take your failures as a president from the top?”

Obama’s brutally truthful response might go something like this:

“Here goes: I bypassed the Senate with my bogus recess appointments. I failed to properly investigate IRS abuses against Tea Party groups. I told Americans they could keep their health insurance and doctor when I knew that to be false. I looked the other way on the Benghazi scandal. I failed to make a secure, functioning website for Obamacare on time”.

“I bypassed Congress some more, exempting groups and delaying parts of Obamacare on a whim. I ignored federal laws I don’t like and drew a red line for Syria that proved less than meaningless.”

“Is that all?” you then ask.

“No”, he groans “…I also habitually surround myself with ‘Yes Men’ who are either incompetent, don’t pay their taxes, or are self-avowed communists

Be gentle.”

In a movie, such a scene could be amusing, but in real life corrupt politicians are no laughing matter. Our current president is doing serious damage to this nation, dividing and polarizing us to an alarming degree, deliberately pitting the poor against the rich with intellectually dishonest “Income Inequality” rhetoric. What’s more, he’s creating a culture of dependency and chronic unemployment, and endangering us all with his astoundingly inept foreign policy.

Pray HonestyOne of the marks of a great individual is their ability to admit a mistake, own up to it, and try to solve any problems caused as a result of their poor judgment. Not surprisingly, Obama seems utterly incapable of doing any of these things.

So if he is not a great man, what then is he?

Similar to the Fletcher character in the movie, if Obama were truly honest with himself he’d be forced to admit: “I’m a bad leader.” Once having come clean to himself, he could then fess-up to us, and maybe start to turn things around.

But that would require a level of humility that seems to be lacking in this man, as well as many of his peers. And ultimately, we’re all going to pay a heavy price for putting him, and other narcissistic liars just like him, into office.

***Robert Lockard has been a lover of writing from a young age. He especially enjoys writing about movies, and can be found over at his movie-review website: ‘The Deja Reviewer’.

Robert lives in Utah with his wife and three children. He enjoys running, biking, reading, and watching movies with his family.

9 responses to “If the President COULDN’T Lie, …What Would You Ask Him?

  1. Another solid entry, Robert!
    Would be interesting to hear what BHO said in your hypothetical situation: it’d reveal how much has been deliberate lies, how much is self-delusion, and how much is actual, misguided belief….

    Come to think of it, the truth might turn out to be even more troubling than the lies have been.

    • That’s an interesting point. If he truly believes the lies he’s been telling for so long, would it be a surprise even to him when he had to answer truthfully about them or are the lies so embedded in his mind he wouldn’t even recognize them for what they are anymore? Definitely a scary thought.

  2. livinrightinpgh

    Robert, I have to tell you that the title of your post got me IMMEDIATELY hooked. But, as I sat here, with countless thoughts going through my mind, I actually found it difficult to pin down ONE question that I’d like to ask him with the understanding that he would HAVE to be 100% truthful. So…I’m going to ask 2 questions that I want him to address to the entire country, on TV, and broadcast around the world:

    1. What do you desire as the complete, and ultimate, social, political, and economic outcomes of your “fundamental transformation” of the United States?
    2. What are your true religious beliefs?

  3. I would ask if he believes Jesus is the son of God and that He was resurrected, because if the answer was no then I would know he is actively corrupting Christianity! That would answer all other questions, because if he is against God, he is against the country as well! God bless!

    • Seriously. Having a president who doesn’t even go to church on Sundays feels so wrong. It seems like Obama’s priorities are completely wrong if he doesn’t put God first in his life and when thinking about how to wisely govern the United States. We’re one nation under God, not man.

  4. Great share, JTR.
    And if I could ask Obama anything and he couldn’t lie, I would ask him if he was truly in Love with America or if its destruction was his eventual goal.

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