Because they’re “journalists”: MSNBC interrupts congressional interview for …Justin Bieber

msnbc 2

Most of us are aware of MSNBC’s well-publicized struggles with ratings. And for some insight as to why that continues to be the case, I humbly offer the following video clip:

I’m guessing this won’t burnish their reputation as a “serious” news network. 

Makes me wonder if MSNBC has misinterpreted their own tagline:

MSNBC Lean Forward 333

8 responses to “Because they’re “journalists”: MSNBC interrupts congressional interview for …Justin Bieber

  1. Exactly as one should expect. CNN has been on the Bieber story like a rat on a Cheeto, even had Vanilla Ice weigh in this morningm

  2. livinrightinpgh

    C’MON, JTR! It’s the “Beib”! Given MSNBC’s normal programming, breaking in for that story was probBly the only decent reporting they did all day.
    Speaking of Mr. Beiber…..Anyone remember the Clint Eastwood movie “The Dead Pool”. I’d have Beiber on my list….

  3. Seriously, that is really crazy, and a wake up call for me as I now understand I need to re-check my own priorities. (sarcasm)

  4. Well, there’s 28 seconds of my life I’ll never get back.

  5. My first thought watching that clip: This must be Saturday Night Live.
    Guess it’s been a real long time since I’ve watched MSNBC…

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