#NAACP: we support everyone’s right to their own opinion, …as long as it agrees with ours


I wrote the following almost a year ago:

“…The party of inclusion, of diversity, of recognizing and respecting differences…  consistently holds up as holy writ that if you do not accept your ‘appropriate’, preassigned belief of the liberal Democrat hive-mind, then you are no longer deserving to be recognized or respected for your differences.

By Refusing to be the Same, you are no longer considered Diverse…” 

And God Bless ’em if they don’t keep on proving me right.

From the National Review:

The NAACP isn’t apologizing to Tim Scott for calling him a puppet. In a statement, it argued that the label reflected that Scott, one of the Senate’s two black members, hasn’t honored the legacy of Martin Luther King Jr. because he’s been “echoing the position of the far right.”

The organization was defending comments by one of its most prominent officials, North Carolina NAACP president William Barber II, who had called South Carolina’s junior senator a ventriloquist’s “dummy” for the GOP.

Dr. King emphasized love and justice rather than extremism. Unless we stand for justice we cannot claim allegiance to or pay homage to Dr. King,” the NAACP said in a statement to Fox News. “In a state such as South Carolina, politicians, whether they be black or white, should not be echoing the position of the far right.

Which led to the following comment from Mediaite editor Noah Rothman:

Don’t bother, Noah: the Left only hears the whistles when they want to cast aspersions on the Right. And I do mean “only“.

I have to give CNN a little credit for the video segment below: at least the host wasn’t teaming up against the token Conservative, which is the usual approach in too many such interviews.

Actually, by today’s standards, that almost qualifies as remarkable.

Mr. Innis has it exactly right: by denigrating Senator Tim Scott as a ventriloquist’s “dummy”, the NAACP is portraying him as something less than human. Such an ugly pejorative attempts to deny Scott the ultimate right of all free men: the right to think for himself.

More than a little ironic, wouldn’t you say? Especially coming from the folks purporting that in order to truly “think for yourself”, …you have to agree with them.

2 responses to “#NAACP: we support everyone’s right to their own opinion, …as long as it agrees with ours

  1. livinrightinpgh

    The NAACP quit being relevant decades ago when they they sold out to the race-baiting tactics of the Left and no longer sought to “advance” anything of value for “people of color”. We see clear examples of people of color advancing in the political, sports, and business world, but let one of them come out for Conservative values and suddenly they’re an “Uncle Tom”. But, this is what we’ve come to expect from them: ridiculous, racially charged comments designed to garner attention to a group that otherwise gets little to none. And for good reason. They’ve done more to DESTROY the advancement of “colored people” than they’ve ever done to help.

  2. I agree with Pgh. The NAACP have become a joke.
    The only advancement for our Americans who consider themselves ‘black’ are the real freedoms to pursue life, liberty found in conservative thought which is at the root of our country’s founding.

    What hogwash. Mr. Scott was unbelievably gracious about that slur. Had it been the other way round, there would have been gnashing of teeth.

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