One last post about everyone’s favorite Antarctic Global Warming Research Ship

Funniest (and most creative) spin on this subject that I’ve seen yet, courtesy of Gary Varvel:

Gilligan's Iceland 444

Of course, the whole thing was already pretty funny, all on its own:

And in addition to all of this sweet, sweet irony, please keep one more related item in mind:

Only two months ago, back on November 1st of 2013, President Obama warned us that “Excessively high temperatures” were “already” harming public health nationwide.

Awesome timing there, Champ! Yep, those “high temps” are just kickin’ our tails, ain’t they??

6 responses to “One last post about everyone’s favorite Antarctic Global Warming Research Ship

  1. livinrightinpgh

    Global Cooling!
    Global Warming!
    Global Climate Change!
    Global Hysteria!
    Global morons!

    • Everything is Global Warming: being colder, warmer, dryer, wetter, windier, …and everything else you can name.
      Just accept it and move on….

      Hugs n’ Kisses,
      Michael E. Mann

  2. All I know is, with a -40celsius wind chill this morning, school buses are cancelled so my 2 youngest kids are fantastically giddy about having a day of school. Maybe a little global warming wouldn’t be such a bad idea 😉 – enough to get the school buses running anyway.

    • Wow, Terry: that’s even colder than us, and we’re plenty cold as it is.

      At this point, I’d happily start burning tires if I thought it’d jump-start some serious Global Warming, knowwhatImean….?

    • Looks like the image was removed, James, but yes, I saw it elsewhere earlier today.

      Al started the ball rolling, but he has limited impact nowadays.
      I’m far more concerned with the current resident in the WH, who is perhaps even more beholden to the Warming Alarmists than Al… and goodness knows he has exponentially more power.

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