OUT: “Obama’s Poll Numbers are great!” – IN: “Ummm, let’s not discuss his Poll Numbers, okay?”

Remember those glorious, halcyon days when Barack first ruled the land? Back when his fans were (literally) fainting at his speeches, and his trouser creases informed us how magnificent he’d be?

When the seas began to recede, and we were the ones we were waiting for? When everyone looked forward to waking up to find free gas in their car and a unicorn in every pot, all courtesy of the Obamessiah?

During all that time, the President’s Poll Numbers were regularly trotted-out to defend his policies. “Well“, the logic went, “he must be doing the will of the people. Just look at how POPULAR his POLL NUMBERS are…!

Ahhh, good times.

But now, the same folks who’ve so slavishly been reporting his popularity have radically changed course, and would like the media to put the kibosh on reporting poll results:

Politics 101: when one line of reasoning is no longer operable, …change your reasoning.

From the Daily Caller:

After a year of seeing President Obama’s approval ratings plummet, the president’s pollster is offering a strikingly candid and pessimistic New Year’s resolution.

Reporters should go the next “year without reporting any public polling data,” Joel Benenson, president and CEO of Benenson Strategy Group, said.

I’ll wager that Mr. Benenson not only said that with a straight face, I’ll bet he’s convinced himself that this is the only “logical” thing for reporters to do. You know, so as to keep the “noise” of polls from “distracting” from the President’s “important legislative agenda”, and all.

And yes, I truly DID need to put all those words/phrases in quotes, to highlight how truly ridiculous this is.

Obama Poll numbers

C’mon, do we really need to keep playing “What if Bush was in office…?“, even as we enter the SIXTH year of Obama’s presidency? Sadly, I guess we do.

As you listen to the clip below, please note the slightly different tone of Wolf’s reportage. Why, it’s almost as if he was somehow more excited to report Bush’s falling poll numbers than he was of Obama’s:

Just something to keep in mind as we start 2014. And if you start to notice a dearth of stories dealing with Obama’s free-falling poll numbers this year, at least you won’t need to ask ‘why?‘…

14 responses to “OUT: “Obama’s Poll Numbers are great!” – IN: “Ummm, let’s not discuss his Poll Numbers, okay?”

  1. The story will be “President Obama’s approval numbers remain steady.” His approval numbers are about as low as they can get when 90-95% of 10% polled will approve the Messiah’s job performance unconditionally.
    Yea, I know. I’m a cynic.
    Good post.

  2. Well the trouser creases are still good, right?

    • Of course, James!
      Heck, …who could argue with THAT??!

      And I clearly recall reporters commenting on the trouser creases from other leaders in the past, like Lincoln and FDR, as well as Ghandi and Churchill.

      Obviously, that’s an indicator of future greatness.


  3. Channeling my inner “Officer Barbrady”: Move along! Nothing to see here!

    The ONLY reason you get a call to cease the reporting of BHO’s poll numbers is NOT because of where they ARE…oh, nooooo! It’s about where the MSM knows they are GOING, which is down, down, down.

    As White Goodman might say: “BHO! Your approval rating is going down like a sweet muffin!”

    • Honestly, I’m not sure how much further they can fall, Pgh: there’s a built-in floor, I believe, with his cult-like base of followers who’ll never turn on him. They might drop a tad more, but I think mid-to-upper-30s is about as low as we could expect.
      Just my opinion, of course.

      ***By the way, you get bonus points for incorporating both ‘South Park‘ AND ‘Dodgeball‘ into a single comment!

  4. Good news indeed. I can’t wait to see NYC thrive under the new Marxist regime. Another Detroit in the making. Wall Street will pack up and move. Going to be a great year.

    • I have a feeling that as unpleasant as this year is sure to be for us, it will be rather worse for Obama and his lackeys.

      As for the New NYC mayor: won’t be long before some voters will start looking for their receipt, so as to “exchange” him.

  5. Probably the next thing they’ll say is that it’s racist to discuss his poll numbers. I wouldn’t even be surprised.

    • Nor would I, Robert. Although I can’t find an instance of it happening, …yet.
      Doesn’t mean it hasn’t, of course, and it CERTAINLY doesn’t mean that it won’t.

      It’s pretty much the only door they haven’t opened, which means it’s probably next

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