Obama’s NEW Year, …even worse than his OLD Year.

There’s an old Calvin & Hobbes cartoon that is appropriate for around this time of year, but also has a deeper correlation to our politics today:

New Year - CalvinANDHobbbes

I truly believe that this sums up our President’s approach to most of what he does. How else to explain the Obamacare rollout, or the NSA snooping, or IRS targeting, or Fast And Furious, or Benghazi, or Iran, or…. well, you get the idea.

Far from being a diabolical mastermind deftly pulling the country’s strings, Obama is the equivalent of a zit-faced, ideological teenager out joyriding in his daddy’s car. Sure, he’s drunk with power and bent on the country’s destruction, and I daresay he’s overall quite pleased with the results thus far.

BUT, but he’s not actually in control of this mess. For that to be the case would require a once-in-a-generation leader/manager of tremendous skill and experience; a combination of Churchill and Jack Welch, with a dash of Patton thrown in. And if there’s one thing we DO know, …that sure-as-shootin’ ain’t Barack.

This is partially explained by his background: he’s never had to actually deliver, whether during his time as President of the Harvard Law Review, or as a State Senator, or while a U.S. Senator.


He was allowed to just give speeches, vote “present”, and sorta… coast.

But even if his background explains it, it doesn’t excuse it. The numerous failures of his presidency are not marks of brilliant leadership, but rather are signs of a man so far in over-his-head that I’m now amazed he ran for a second term. Actually, I believe that if he’d known how this past year would go (even allowing for his preternaturally gigantic ego), I think he may have seriously considered stepping down before all of this hit the proverbial fan.

Yet as bad as 2013 was for him, 2014 stands to be substantially …worse.

Courtesy of Instapundit, and USA Today:

“…The Obamacare debacle did one useful thing for Obama: It drove the Syria debacle off the front pages. But Obama’s precipitous decline in the polls didn’t start with the Obamacare rollout; he was already slipping from the ineptitude displayed over Syria, where we went from “Syria Must Be Attacked!” to “Never Mind” in the space of three weeks.

Obamacare — and the NSA spying scandals, and the ongoing drip-drip of the IRS and Benghazi scandals — has only made it worse. Obama is currently less popular than any postwar president except Richard Nixon at this stage in their terms.

Increasingly, Americans see him as a loser. But more importantly, he’s perceived by our friends and enemies abroad as weak and preoccupied. The Saudis are livid about our handling of Iran; needless to say, so are the Israelis. The Iranians clearly don’t take us seriously, and Vladimir Putin, who outfoxed Obama over Syria, is plainly unimpressed.

The combination of distrust by our friends and disrespect from our enemies is a dangerous mix, and comes at an unsettled time that some scholars are comparing to the years before World War I.

It’s a time when we need better than usual diplomacy, and that does not appear to be in the offing…”

obama sadThis is exactly right, and Obama doesn’t have any different cards to play. His only approach since he came into office has been: give a speech or two, wait for a result, and if necessary, …give another speech.

No internal assessment; no self-evaluation; no equivocation. Just speech, wait, speech, wait, and so on.

Just like Calvin in the cartoon, Barack is “winging it”, albeit on a far grander stage. It’s all he knows, and it portends a disastrous upcoming year for him and his administration. Unfortunately, that means we’ll be enduring it, too, right along with him.

Happy New Year, everyone.

2 responses to “Obama’s NEW Year, …even worse than his OLD Year.

  1. BHO is the ultimate empty suit. That so many Americans could be duped into voting for him is a sad acknowledgement of our society.

    • Couldn’t begin to agree more, Pgh.

      Which is all the more reason for him to have the worst year a president has had in recent memory. Hopefully, even more folks will see him (and this Administration) as they truly are….and be disgusted.

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