Excessive ice thwarts rescue of stranded Research Ship, …which was trying to prove Global Warming

An update to THIS earlier post:

Two thoughts on this entire episode:

  1. This is a serious situation, since they really do need to reach that ship soon. I wish them well, obviously. 
  2. Perhaps next time these folks want to prove that Global Warming is melting the ice in Antarctica, they should wait for the ice to actually, you know, … melt

Of course, maybe this turn of events will have an impact on the team’s findings, as it pertains to the whole “warming” thing.

Maybe. But I doubt it.

11 responses to “Excessive ice thwarts rescue of stranded Research Ship, …which was trying to prove Global Warming

  1. Good post. Too bad these people might be in actual danger but I love this story.

    Nothing speaks to the absurdity of global warming better than all this real-world irony.

    Happy New Year and happy 2014 blogging.

  2. Richard M Nixon (Deceased)

    Reblogged this on Dead Citizen's Rights Society.

  3. This well reported emergency has finally brought some understanding to some people who are the uninformed…

    Might congress learn from this too?

  4. From FoxNews “A helicopter on board a Chinese icebreaker, the Snow Dragon, will be used to collect the passengers.”
    They must have heard what I said yesterday. 😀

    • Must have, Phoebes!
      News out today was that the weather was so bad today, even the copter couldn’t get through.

      But the saddest aspect of all this is: the entire experience won’t teach them anything.

      • I got the most wonderful mail today, if I had known I would not have waited 2 weeks to go check it. 🙂 Thank you and thank your son, his card was very special and I will treasure it.

        • Delighted to hear it, Phoebes!

          Both of them were highly impressed with yours from last year (it’s beautiful, and my wife kept it to show it off). They’re not in your league, obviously, but their intention and thought was there.

          All the best, my friend.
          I’ll make sure the boys hear that you enjoyed it….

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  6. How ironic that a global warming producing helicopter saved their simple behinds. 🙂

    • Quite so, Slayer, not to mention the evil, capitalist money which paid for it…

      Of course, maybe we’re both wrong.
      Perhaps both the helicopter AND the boat they were on (plus the two rescue ships which both got stuck in the ice, as well), were all fueled by kelp, or salmon, or something “renewable”……

      Sadly, hypocrisy is something which the left doesn’t seem to grasp. Same goes for irony.

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