Scientists Trapped In Record Sea Ice Announce That It Is Disappearing

Hmmmm, …makes sense. Of course, it’s perfectly logical that the inordinate amount of ice which surprised these researchers enough to TRAP them (and necessitate a rescue), would obviously mean that… the Antarctic ice must be DECREASING.

Yep, …..makes PERFECT sense to me.

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7 responses to “Scientists Trapped In Record Sea Ice Announce That It Is Disappearing

  1. So… Global warming equals MORE ice?? Makes sense.

    • No, no, no, …… that just means “change”.

      You see, that’s why they switched to Global Climate Change, so any “change” could be attributed to mankind.
      –Warmer? It’s our fault.
      –Colder? Also our fault.

      This is based upon the centuries of data which proves that the world’s climate has always, always, always been COMPLETELY STATIC, for EONS, until we showed up with our evil sports cars and iPads.

      Now, don’t you feel guilty?

  2. If I had the capacity to feel guilty, I wouldn’t be sitting here eating this yummy burger from Angus cattle whose flatulence is contributing to the “change”……


  3. Okay, here’s my common sense approach to the rescue, how about helicopters based on a ship close by? They are what, 8 miles from the nearest ship? This could have been done in the early stages. Seems to me that the captain has been more concerned about saving the ship than the people on board.

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