Christmas Trees are Doomed!!! Climate Alarmism 101 — A Massive Failure

A wonderful post from one of our oldest blogging buddies, Donna Quixote……

Quixotes Last Stand

I stumbled across this article posted on the website Grist — a decidedly pro-climate alarmism site.  All of the problems that I have ever run across connected with the Chicken Little Syndrome exhibited by these people can be found in this one article.  This little story is so poorly written, it would get a massive F in any journalism course.

It’s worth a read just to demonstrate how to evaluate these hysteria-driven articles in one easy lesson.  It’s titled  Climate change will ruin Christmas by threatening Christmas trees by Sarah Laskow.

It starts off with the usual fear-mongering ominous sounding “It will take six to 10 years, but Christmas is ruined.”  Doesn’t this sound remarkably similar to the equally horrifying headlines from a couple of years ago stating that children in the UK will never know what snow is.  We all know how that turned…

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15 responses to “Christmas Trees are Doomed!!! Climate Alarmism 101 — A Massive Failure

  1. Christmas bikini industry? I wrote a couple days ago that demonstrating rocks sink is as smart as the global warming movement gets. You just made this same point.

    If some of the stuff I read about how we are all going to die or Florida is going to sink were satire, it would be brilliant.
    Sadly, these people are 100% serious.

    Great post.

  2. There’s a part of me that actually feels badly for the folks that have been duped into being followers of AGW.

  3. I agree with you. These people have nothing in their lives that is meaningful and that’s so sad. I don’t get how they can live this way. We need to keep on our mission!!!!!!!! Not always easy.

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