Atheist group “generously” helps kids …to NOT receive toys for #Christmas

The Left loves to talk about “tolerance”, but they seem a tad confused as to its actual meaning: 

That news segment was from mid-November, but it’s not the end of the story. From Charisma News:

ADF -- Alliance Defending Freedom“…Alliance Defending Freedom sent East Point Academy a letter offering free legal assistance after the American Humanist Association threatened to file a lawsuit against the school for including a community service project sponsored by a religious organization as one of the many programs its students may voluntarily participate in. 

East Point Academy (in South Carolina) offers a variety of humanitarian community service programs, including Operation Christmas Child (OCC), in which students can voluntarily participate throughout the year. OCC is sponsored by Samaritan’s Purse, a Christian organization that works with local churches and ministry partners to deliver gifts to needy children around the world.

OCC has provided gifts to more than 100 million impoverished boys and girls in more than 130 countries…”

100 million gifts?? Whoa, they’re definitely evil. Thanks goodness the Humanists were there to prevent such an unspeakable horror to continue…

However, from what I can tell from this and other reports, originally the school gave up on the toy drive, citing an inability to afford legal defense against such a lawsuit. But now with ADF’s legal team offering to defend them for free, I’m unsure what will happen next. 


And yet the question remains: WHY do we have to go through this exact same dance, every single year?

This is a CHRISTMAS Toy Drive, and the organization running it is (shocking, I know) actually Christian.

You know: as in “Christ”-mas.

If they were celebrating Hanukkah, and Jewish folks wanted to send presents to needy kids, would it be wrong to include a pamphlet which explained the holiday’s origin? Maybe I’m just being dense, but isn’t that what the holiday actually MEANS?

If Muslims wanted to include copies of the Koran with Medical Supplies to hurricane victims, and asked kids to volunteer to help load the boxes, I’d admit that was a nice thing to do. They’re paying for it, and doing a selfless act: what’s the problem?

I’m aware that the Christian heart of Christmas offends the folks over at the American Humanist Association no end. To which I say: tough. Just because something offends you doesn’t give you the right to make everyone else miserable. If I have to put up with the continued existence of The View, Chris Matthews and crappy boy bands, you atheist malcontents need to get over your unhealthy obsession with hating Christmas.

When President Grant signed a law making Christmas Day a federal holiday in 1870, he didn’t stipulate it to be solely a secular day. Indeed, he did so with the knowledge that Christmas was a day of unity, of setting petty differences aside, of bringing people together from ALL walks of life. In a country still deeply divided five years after the Civil War, that whole “unity” thing was the point.

But that doesn’t seem to enter into these people’s thoughts. They only know there’s an explicitly Christian holiday coming ’round every year, and it drives them positively batty.

“Tolerance”? Yeah, not so much.

Tolerance - Inigo Montoya

27 responses to “Atheist group “generously” helps kids …to NOT receive toys for #Christmas

  1. Hey JTR, spot on. 😀 Reminds me of a bunch of Burgermeister Meisterburgers!

    • Great to see you, Teach!
      And yes, that’d be accurate.

      Although, the Burgermeister eventually came around, and I’m doubtful that giving these folks a yo-yo would have the same effect.

      ***You get extra points for referencing one of my favorite Christmas specials, too!!!


      • I GET POINTS?!?! 😀 killer!

        … “and I’m doubtful that giving these folks a yo-yo would have the same effect” OMGosh, I laughed out loud! 😀

  2. Translation of the trash spoken by the representative of the American Humanist Association: “Groups like ours are too CHEAP to buy these children gifts, so we don’t want ANYONE buying gifts for them, ESPECIALLY a group of (gasp!) CHRISTIANS!!! We’d rather a child went without toys at Christmas than to take the ‘risk’ of exposing them to Christianity”….

    Santa is next on the Progressive “hit list”….
    1. Fat WHITE guy.
    2. Breaks and enters into homes.
    3. Has a staff of slave employees that would make Kathy Lee Gifford jealous.
    4. Gives gifts WITHOUT asking for a vote in exchange.
    5. Abuses “protected” reindeer.
    6. Can’t be taxed OR regulated.

    • Good point, Pgh….

      Yes, I’m thinking that the Occupy crowd and the SEIU should picket the North Pole for a living wage and eventual unionization.
      Hey, Santa has a MUCH bigger operation going than Wal-Mart: just THINK of the opportunities!

      Plus, what about diversity? Those elves look kinda pasty, IYKWIM…..

    • Hilarious Santa breakdown PGH – poor guy does nothing to offset his carbon footprint either!

      • The methane gas from the reindeer alone is enough to have the EPA shut him down, fine him, or require that all reindeer must be equipped with an incineration tower/fecal processor……of course, the cost will put him out of business or reduce the number of toys for the good little boys and girls of the world, but, it IS for the environment!

  3. I don’t think a lot of atheists realize how mean spirited they are because they are so locked in with their tunnel vision on one objective only: to thwart religious expression in society at all costs.

    They see this type of project solely in terms of proselytization and not as charitable giving. Rather, they interpret the charity of giving poor children gifts as a guise for unfairly indoctrinating innocent children and they see this as a violation of children’s rights. This may sound warped, but that is how they see it. The problem, however, is that groups like this one end up winning a pyrrhic victory. As Megyn Kelly pointed out, they ruined a good initiative to help underprivileged children and bring a little warmth and happiness into their lives at Christmas time in the name of humanism. And then they don’t even think about doing something positive themselves in order to compensate for that injustice. Nobody wins, for lack of charity. If they are as ethically concerned as they think they are, they need to give that a lot more thought.

    Mean, mean spirited people. Shame on them.

    • Excellent points, James: a “Pyrrhic victory”, exactly.

      The giving IS the gift, more-so than the gift itself. The message inside would mean nothing if the gift wasn’t received happily. Charitable giving is done out of love, not profit motive. But humanists see it as nothing more than marketing, which I’ve always found ironic. After all, they don’t object if Microsoft donates millions of dollars worth of computers to the school itself.
      If THAT isn’t “indoctrination”, I don’t know what is.

      Nope, in THAT case, kids are said to be smart enough to handle themselves, and Microsoft was just being “nice”, and what’s your problem already?
      They are so completely predictable…..

      Hey, it’s WONDERFUL to see you ’round here again, James!! Don’t be a stranger, okay?

  4. “Now that you’ve cancelled the program, what is your group doing for these children who are not going to get these boxes?”
    “Our program is designed to help the kids to have a clean neutral free of church state violations…”
    These are kids in other countries.
    And this guy and his org is doing NOTHING to fill in for the program he has gotten cancelled.
    So these kids get NOTHING.
    Nice going,’ humanists’.
    That term can’t mean anything good. Should be called evilists.

    Love the comments here. This is just so dumb.

  5. And one more time they will repeat, ‘but there is no war on Christmas’. It’s all a figment. The atheists would make good conspiracy theorists, because they see one everywhere…..everywhere there is government.

      –9/11 was an inside job,
      –There is NO “War On Christmas”, even though we see stories like this every, single year (and I linked one of ours from LAST year in the post above),
      –There IS a “War On Women” (which politically makes zero sense, but whatever…)
      –Benghazi, Fast and Furious, NSA Snooping and IRS Targeting were all much ado about nothing, and only exist as talking points for the Radical Right Wing.
      –However, George Bush’s response to Hurricane Katrina was designed to kill black people.

      Yep, they’re the smart ones. No question ’bout it.

      • Don’t forget:
        CO2 causes global warming in spite of all evidence to the contrary…..

      • Benghazi and Fast and Furious are manufactured scandals by the right-wing machine,,,beeecause they are racist homophobes…..who are allied with Tim McVeigh terrorist cells in a cauldron of hatred, that just wants to keep the “black man” down.

        They are hateful warmongers who claim there is some fictional “war on Christmas” agenda.against their fundamentalist faith. What more do you need to know about those zealots ??? (give me some air)

  6. As someone who is not religious, I have never understood how one could be offending by something they do not believe in. I know people who get disturb when someone says they will pray for them and it always baffles me. When people say to it me, (and I do hear it an alarmingly number of times 🙂 ) my reply is simply; “Thanks, I can use all the help I can get”
    Seriously though, what is it these people are trying to control? Are the motivated by jealousy? Fear? It just baffles me. Good post, JTR

    • Oops, Those typos were not there when I pressed the post button. See what happens when you type while eating dinner 😀

    • I’m with you, Bret, and your opinion is the logical one I’d EXPECT from someone who is not religious. Respectful, and not insulting.

      Most of my friends/co-workers growing up were not religious whatsoever (I was the token Catholic most of the time), but they weren’t insulting. Ever.

      We’ve got a big country, and it’s big enough for a LOT of opinions.
      Not according to the Left, obviously. And the funny thing is, they’re the ones who are always saying that the Christian Right wants to create a Theocracy in the USA.
      Heck, they accused GWB of actually doing it, and didn’t someone just made a film/show/TV movie about what if McCain had won in 2008, then died in office, and Sarah Palin was now president. Remember that?
      Talk about your fever dreams….

      Hey, Lefties: seriously, get a grip!!

  7. It seems like every year the attack on CHRISTmas gets worse.

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