Romney was right: Obama IS the Groundhog Day president

That was Guy Benson’s über succinct and sniper-level accurate take on the President’s latest “pep rally” on the Affordable Care Act. Nothing new, nothing insightful: just more of the same sclerotic verbiage which we’ve heard from him so often, I’m surprised I don’t mumble it in my sleep.

Maybe that’s why it reminded me of something Mitt Romney said back in January of 2012:

“…This has been a ‘Groundhog Day’ presidency. He keeps saying the same things and we keep waking up with the same things going on. Nothing changes,” Romney said.

“He keeps saying these great things he’s going to do and yet it’s the same picture every single morning…” 


groundhog day 4746

Little has changed in the two years since Romney made that observation, save that which has worsened. Unemployment is still alarmingly high while the labor force is smaller than ever, Food Stamp usage has sky-rocketed, and more people than ever dislike Obamacare. We’re printing money in order for us to afford to print money, which is more insane than it even sounds.

And yet the President keeps rolling out the same platitudes, in identical speeches, day after day after day.

At least in Groundhog Day, Bill Murray’s character eventually saw the error of his ways, and becomes transformed as a person. Not so with Obama. He seems preternaturally convinced that the power of his words can reshape reality, despite five years of evidence to the contrary.

As is his habit, Obama was late for his speech. Mercifully, he went shorter than normal, which lessened the pain to a degree. But that didn’t improve the paint-by-numbers, carbon copy, here-we-go-again pabulum which followed. It just shortened it into a “best-of” highlight reel of previous Obamacare talking points.

This was Day One of a three-week push designed to berate, cajole and guilt-trip American citizens into signing-up for ZeroCare:

However, rather than make you endure this umpteenth rhetorical retread, I’ll instead provide some reaction via the Twitter-verse of “Obama loves Obamacare, and You should, too! – Part 12,837“:

Groundhog Day was a brilliant movie: it was funny, yet told a moving story of a crass, selfish, narcissistic man discovering that the world did NOT revolve around him and his wants. Bill Murray’s protagonist became motivated by a willingness to do not what he wished, but rather what was needed. He became a servant to those around him, and by putting them first, found true purpose in his own life.

While I pray that a similar transformation occurs with our President, I’m not hopeful of it. And before anyone faults me for my cynicism, feel free to check out one of Barack’s upcoming “Yay, Obamacare!!” speeches between now and Christmas.

I’ve already seen it, so you’ll forgive me if I don’t watch along with you.

10 responses to “Romney was right: Obama IS the Groundhog Day president

  1. “Before it’s earned our money’s all been spent…Babe…I got you babe…”

    • CLASSIC Sonny and Cher…., back when I thought they were cool.
      Of course, I was only about eight at the time, so I can be forgiven, I suppose.

      So, remember “bending the cost curve down”??
      Yeah, ….I don’t think so.

  2. Before the (cough) “rollout”, it was all about “Obamacare”. POTUS even bragged about liking the name and how it would be such a great moniker as the program unfolded SOOOOOOOO successfully. Then………WHAM!!! The website is a disaster, people are losing hours or jobs, millions are losing their coverage, and others are seeing WORSE coverage and HIGHER premiums. Now, (big surprise) the talking points and talking heads on the Left are referring to it as “The Affordable Care Act”. THAT was his “Groundhog Day” moment……..a chance to correct the Titanic BEFORE hitting the iceberg.

    Yet, what do we see? The “Narcissist in Chief” defiantly defending this debacle and vowing that it will NEVER be overturned while HE is President. All I can say is: LOOK OUT 22nd Amendment! I think he’s planning on being POTUS-for-Life.

  3. If only this was like Groundhog day, it feels more like the twilight zone.

  4. Nothing changes, very good perception. Because they are really, “Just words”. Just meaningless words. The Nigerian email scam has a better line of BS than Obama does. Sometimes they even change their talking points a little.

    We could wind the clock ahead 2 years and he’ll be saying the same thing. (plug in a few different names.) Hey, don’t give Punxsutawney Phil a bad name. 🙂 He has more credibility than Obama.

  5. Are you sure you don’t mumble it in your sleep? You wake up with really stinky breath, right? And your hair is standing straight up, right?
    – Jeff

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