Retconning reality, the #Obamacare way…

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Are you familiar with the term “retconning”?

It stands for “Retroactive continuity“, and basically means when a previously established fact(s) is altered in the continuity of a fictional work. Retconning happens in movies, TV shows and comic books all the time, especially when the writer wants to unmake something that’s already happened, like if a character died and they want him/her back.

But again, …comic books. Movies.

Fiction. As in: “Not real”.

Because you can’t “retcon” reality.

And yet what else can you call this?

Ellison: “So I think even though he may have said, “If you like your ‘decent’ insurance, your insurance that works,” that you can keep it. I think that people really get that. And, he owned that. He said, If you misunderstood what I was trying to say, I own that.”

I think that shows integrity…”

green lantern 7474Integrity? Are you kidding me, Ellison??

Integrity!!??!?! Dude, even on its absolute worst retconning day, Green Lantern had more basic, intellectual integrity than that.

This isn’t a TV show, and we aren’t going to wake up à la Pam on ‘Dallas‘ and discover the last 5 years were just a dream (…Dear Lord, don’t I wish…).

Nope, Ellison’s brutally ham-handed revisionism is beyond ALL that. This isn’t “reinterpreting” something, or “using creative license”: this is just flat-out making crap up.

But if we ARE in some sort of alternate verbal reality, where the things that Liberals actually say (On video, too. 30+ times.) are then proclaimed to have not been said, then I guess our presidential Maestro of Misspeak must not have said the following, either:

‘Cause if the President actually DID say that he’s in favor of Single Payer (…and of course he didn’t, as I’m sure Mr. Ellison will no doubt soon inform us), that’d certainly provide the requisite motivation for him to LIE TO OUR FACES, REPEATEDLY, about the whole “you can keep your plan…” thing.

I’m hardly alone in such thinking: many others, including both Andrew McCarthy and John Hinderaker, have all come to the same conclusion, primarily because it’s the only one which makes sense.

Which brings us to a crossroad of sorts: we know what their endgame is, while the Administration and its media flunkies KNOW that we know.

In the case of a comic book or a TV show, when the retconning becomes too in-your-face, too ridiculous, slumping sales figures will signal its death-knell, informing the writers that they went too far.

But when the government itself is the product provider, the enforcer of compliance AND the alleged arbiter of customer complaints, reversing this boondoggle will require far more effort than merely changing the channel or cancelling a subscription.

The Left is too invested in this to give up now. They’ll continue to try pushing these continual reality rewrites, and see if we’ll buy them.

Your move, America.

13 responses to “Retconning reality, the #Obamacare way…

  1. livinrightinpgh

    Help me out here, will ya, JTR?

    Wouldn’t “integrity” be NOT LYING ABOUT IT IN THE FIRST PLACE???!!!

    It’s like the criminal who is ONLY sorry AFTER HE GETS CAUGHT! WHERE is the remorse or “integrity” when committing the crime?

    You have to hand it to Ellison, though. Clearly, HERE is a man who tells a complete lie with every ounce of conviction he has. And THIS is the guy who said that “Republicans have a core values problem”?

  2. What do you expect from the folks who make up the facts as they go along? The Website is fixed don’t you know. They really think the rest of the country is stupid.

  3. Obama doesn’t care that he lied. Even I don’t care that he lied. Of course he’s going to lie! He’s (kind of) a Liberal, and that’s typically what they do since pure Liberalism isn’t usually even utterable in public, let alone a realistic solution for anything. Obama is more of a Socialist than a Liberal anyway. He wanted socialized medicine and that’s exactly where the county is headed now. Anything else, and I mean ANYthing else, is simply collateral damage in his eyes. And I honestly believe that.

    • Can’t argue with any of that, Miss Wendee.
      And no, he doesn’t care about us, UNLESS we agree with him. Anyone that fails to fall in line is just a speed-bump along the path to his Great Socialized Nirvana…

  4. At least Mr. Ellison wasn’t spitting all over the camera on this occasion.

  5. I have to agree with Miss Wendee.
    Obama doesn’t give a rat’s rear-end if people know he’s a liar. He’s on a ‘destroy America’ campaign and he knows he has three years, and it will take an entire generation to undo his folly … if it’s even possible.

    • We’re gonna have a heavy lift to undue everything as it is. Our best bet is to keep him from doing any more damage, and hopefully cripple O-care as much as possible, until we can repeal it altogether.

      But there’s no question, he doesn’t care if he’s known as a liar. His lies are merely a tool, or a means to an end for him.
      And he uses them like a carpenter would use a hammer: often, and with zero subtlety.

  6. The goal was never to provide a service, it was to collect information which it does remarkably well. You never even really know what it has captured, and they have promised so security. They are free to give it to whomever they want, just as they have been doing with the infor. you give the IRS. It’s all about grabbing and using data against his enemies and providing for his friends. All the while weakening America so that the real enemies of the country have no barriers to anything. He has been doing this since day one and has had willing help from the MSM as well as Democrats like Harry Reid. God bless you!

    • Thanks for the comment, Patricia!
      The website and the law is intended to weaken us overall, both by expanding Medicaid and giving them the ability to punish people who refuse to “comply”.

      There’s no question that his assigning the IRS as Obamacare’s enforcers was for a specific reason, which is why we need to repeal this ASAP. Otherwise, it’s giving them the club with which they can beat us all.

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