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“97 percent” equates to merely *75* climate scientists endorsing AGW

“The Science is Settled”?? Yeah, …SURE it is.

Times - global warming

Nancy Pelosi, and all of the “Hoop-di-doo and Ado” over #Obamacare…

nancy_pelosiAs Dennis Miller famously said about Nancy, way back in 2007:

“She never shuts up…  And occasionally we have to hood her like a falcon so we can get some sleep”. 

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Real Hope, Real Change

HopelessAs weary as I am of all things Obama, it was gratifying this week to see some evidence that more minds are awakening to the reality that this “emperor” has no clothes.

After five years purveying his so-called “Hope,” we should be asking ourselves, “What DO we, in fact, hope for? And what exactly was it that President Promises was dangling in front of us?

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Warning to the #GOP: Don’t let the Left rewrite history, again…

The Democrats can’t say they weren’t warned:

But that’s not how they view/spin it.

No, no. Years of warnings, the rise of the Tea Party, countless townhall meetings, Scott Brown’s election, the 2010 mid-terms, and even the government shutdown itself weren’t warnings, but rather “sabotage“.

And they’re serious. In Liberal/Leftist/Democrat parlance, somehow standing in the middle of the road and screaming that the bridge is out is now the moral equivalent of cutting your brake lines.

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OBAMA: in charge of Everything, not told Anything, & responsible for Nothing

Remember this?

His “Just Words” speech should have informed one-&-all, right then, that words were all he had

Instead, it was hailed as incontrovertible proof of his future magnificence as president. And yet, after his “uhmm-errr-ahhhhh” fest in yesterday’s press conference, to say that he’s lost whatever shred of magic or credibility he once had would be a galactic understatement, at best.

A better description of it would go somewhere along these lines:

boom 444

Plenty to cover here, so let’s go through these in no particular order:

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The President’s unbelievably bad #Obamacare press conference

I’ve spent my entire career in Professional Sales, and long ago learned the golden rule of “Under Promise, Over Deliver”.

Because when you do the opposite, as the President did so spectacularly with his “You Can Keep Your Plan...” schtick, you merely guarantee that at some point down the road, people are going to be very, very mad at you.

Which brings us to today’s press conference.

Obama, who has railed against any and all attempts to change a single jot of what he’s repeatedly trumpeted as The Law Of The Land, is now feeling overwhelming political heat from within his own party. Thus he came out today and offered a temporary “fix” to his disastrous Obamacare legislation.

Never mind that his fix basically amounts to asking the insurance industry to switch gears in the MIDDLE OF THEIR CANCELLATIONS which OBAMACARE CREATED, in order to cover Barack’s posterior. You can also ignore how completely unrealistic and unworkable that would be, just from a logistical perspective. You can even ignore the state laws they’d have to break to do such a thing, a mere 6 weeks before the end of the year.

Just focus on the press conference itself. If you watched it, you may have initially wondered if this was actually an SNL skit. There’s no possible way that it could have been planned to be this horrible:

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More “Unintended Consequences” of #Obamacare, revisited…

In our culture today, especially with Washington partisans trying to spin facts into opinions and opinions into falsehoods, I believe more than ever that we need to strongly remind everyone when we’re right about something. 

Admittedly, we’re usually right about stuff here, but sometimes we’re even more right than normal. 

Case in point: Obamacare. We’ve been doing our best Howard Beale impression when discussing it, forever. Yet even with the entire Tea Party and more than a few GOP members on our side, we were ignored. 

i-told-you-so 8998

Which is why I’m attaching a post I wrote waaaay back at the start of this year. You can decide for yourself if, in light of recent events, it was accurate or not. 


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FLASHBACK: the President vows that #Obamacare will be “Deficit Neutral”

How many lies did the president tell in getting Obamacare passed?

As numerous as the stars in the sky…

From ABC News back in November, 2009:

OBAMA: “And I promise you. We’re already starting to look at the fiscal year 2011 budget and the out years, and although we are in the midst of a recession, and we inherited a big structural deficit, no one’s more mindful than me of the fact that we can’t have a bill that simply blows up an additional entitlement that’s not paid for.”

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