Thanksgiving Comedy CLASSIC: Louie Anderson on the ‘Tonight Show’

Louie AndersonComedian Louie Anderson just makes me laugh.

His routines were (usually) perfectly clean, and his animated kid’s show “Life With Louie” was extremely funny, yet sweet. Still can’t understand why they don’t formally release it on DVD: it won two Emmy’s, after all.

Anyway, the following clip is from the ‘Tonight Show’ on Thanksgiving Day, 1987…, and it’s just as funny now as it was then.

Happy Thanksgiving, gang.



5 responses to “Thanksgiving Comedy CLASSIC: Louie Anderson on the ‘Tonight Show’

  1. My favorite Louie Anderson lines from “Coming to America”. With Eddie Murphy and Arsenio Hall:

    “Hiiiiiiiii! Ya know, I started on clean up. Just like you guys. But now, see I’m washing lettuce! Soon, I’ll be on FRIES! Then..the grill. A year or two and I make assistant manager! And THAT’S when the BIG bucks start rolling in!!”

    • 😀

      Anderson was just FUNNY: great delivery, timing, and a unique look.
      And no need to try to “shock” me by cussing, etc.,..
      …As if that’s really shocking anymore.

      Happy Thanksgiving, buddy.

      • To your family as well, bro!

        I pulled that clip from the movie up on YouTube, and his delivery is classic, especially with that nasally sound!

  2. Thanks, JTR! Good show.
    Blessed and happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!

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