“If the Iranians LIKE their enriched uranium, they get to KEEP their enriched uranium”

Nuclear Iran 444493

In case you somehow missed it this weekend, Obama has apparently decided that World War III should happen sooner, rather than later.

To quote Carol Platt Liebau, “If the Iranians like their enriched uranium, they get to keep their enriched uranium“:

The always brilliant Charles Krauthammer is not a huge fan of this alleged “deal”. To his credit, Charles has been sounding the alarm about Iran and this administration for quite some time.

From 2010:

From 2011:

From September 2013:

And from November 11th, 2013:

But no, don’t listen to Chuck. The Wizards of Smart are assuring us that we should blindly trust that the President and his flunkies know exactly what they’re doing here.

Yeah, that makes sense. After all, it’s not as if they’re ever given us reason to doubt their judgement before, right?

17 responses to ““If the Iranians LIKE their enriched uranium, they get to KEEP their enriched uranium”

  1. I wonder if they can trust him any more than we can? God bless you!

    • They don’t have to, Patricia: the deal puts all the power in their end.
      We are left attempting to try to keep THEM honest.
      It’d be easier to eat broth with a fork.

      This deal is like putting Charles Manson on unsupervised work-release, or making Hitler “pinky-promise” not to invade Poland.

      Neville Chamberlain was a master negotiator in comparison to these guys…

      • I know, it’s just that this admin. is so far gone to the dark side, that I am running out of words to describe them. Over two years ago I wrote about Obama’s betrayal of Israel and other countries, as well as his betrayal of the American people. He is a serial abuser, a hater of freedom, a man that either does not understand the God he claims to believe in, or like so many of his other lies, is a deliberate ploy to mislead. It is sickening that we have another three years at the very least, of this, but I have also posted that I do not believe that he will step down at the end of his term. People are sadly mistaken if they think that a man who does not believe that the laws apply to him, will ever accept any law that gets in his way. You only have to look at his past to see the future. We have seen so much evidence on what they did to change the election in 2012, that it becomes almost a nightmare to look to the future and see the possibilities. God bless you my friend, I am not trying to be pessimistic, just realistic. And as much as we desire for God to step in, we the people have established this path, and we the people either wake up or we wind up the way of Ninevah or Sodom. Pray that people realize where we are headed and are willing to make changes.

        • Well said, Patricia. I have the same concerns myself, and for the same reasons. He is an entirely lawless man, and I can all-too-easily see him rationalizing any number of excuses as to why he should “stick around”.

          And every time I think “nahhh, that’s ridiculous”, …he goes and does something like this.

          Pray loudly indeed, my friend.
          And then speak out even MORE loudly.

        • Well……LL305, the Qur’an (3:54) reads – “And they (the disbelievers) schemed, and Allah schemed (against them): and Allah is the best of schemers.”

          I have read that the Arabic word for scheme (or plot) is “makara”, which literally means deceit.

          I’m no expert in the Qur’an, but it seems to indicate that it’s “okay” to lie when you are plotting against those who you feel are plotting against you.

          You know, kinda like the POTUS when he tells the American People something that is CLEARLY a lie, but he must utter it to advance his agenda….

          • Sort of brings it into perspective doesn’t it! The reason the liberals don’t want our kids to learn about things like Grimm’s fairy tales and Peter and the wolf. If they learn as kids to recognize lies and liars and the consequences of them, they won’t just accept what the liars tell them Probably why they are pushing Common Core, too many people are beginning to worry about the lies they are hearing, now they just have to bully the parents into accepting “what’s good for the kids” and sit down and shut up, and the liars will never have to worry about opposition for the foreseeable future. If you can’t convince, lie, bully someone into doing it your way, the next step is the shut them up permanently. Makes you think that all the conspiracy theories aren’t as far fetched as they want us believe, doesn’t it.

  2. Well, even his most ardent supporters HAVE to admit that Obama is NO fan of Israel, and this just further cements that case.

    The theatrics and “optics” of SoS Kerry and this deal is hilarious, but, thanks to the MSM, most folks don’t realize that this deal was done and done WEEKS ago. Everything after that was pure theater…

    But…..and I HAVE to ask: What ARE the theological leanings of someone who would actually support IRAN becoming nuclear when it’s CLEAR that they (IRAN) are sworn to eradicate Israel? Hmmmmmm……tough one?

  3. Wonder if he’ll take his promises back? Maybe they need six months to really wrap up the deal!

  4. …This just in…the administration announces that the world will be a much safer place when everyone has nuclear weapons…

    …then they can focus on the real threat to mankind…the private ownership of guns

    More at 6…

  5. This time Obama drew Europe and China and Russia to ensure ww three if any one attacks Iran. Maybe the Saudis will give Iran hell. That would be a hoot.

  6. Fantastic comments here…

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours JTR and GBL… may God bless you!

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