Prediction FAIL: #Obamacare implementation will be “a Huge Political Success”

I love this.

Slate 3From Matt Yglesias at, 7-17-2013:

“…I’ve got a new column up about the White House’s plans for the rollout of the Obamacare exchanges and I wanted to once again take the opportunity to lay down a marker and say once again that Obamacare implementation is going to be a huge political success…”

Oh, that’s just precious.

It’s already a foregone conclusion (despite the Happy Talk from folks like Debbie Wasserman Shulz) that Obamacare is going to ravage the health care industry like my 12-year-old does to his Halloween candy, but Matt didn’t go there. No, he was specifically referring to the implementation itself, and not the actual law.

So, how’s that working out for you so far, Matt?



UPDATE: Courtesy of  Allahpundit, it looks like the public’s opinion of Obamacare continues to go…down

Real nice job with that prognosticatin’ stuff, Mr. Yglesias!!

10 responses to “Prediction FAIL: #Obamacare implementation will be “a Huge Political Success”

  1. Richard M Nixon (Deceased)

    Reblogged this on Dead Citizen's Rights Society.

  2. I don’t know any more powerful rhetorician in the conservative political realm today. Bill Whittle nails it, as always. The comparison of time spent creating the ACA website vs. time it took us to win WWII…brilliant. Thanks, JTR!

  3. Is Matt Yglesias related to the enviro-whacko scientist who, back in the 70’s, and trumpeted by the Left, predicted we’d be living in another “ice age” by now?

    Betcha HE finishes last in his football pool every year…..

  4. I really love this blog. Thanks for doing what you do. Always the best stuff.

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