Mr. Virtual President, on Health Care

v-potus-headerGlad to see Bill Whittle’s alter-ego, Mr. Virtual President, has decided to wade back into the verbal fray this week.

Bill does his normal exemplary job in the clip below, pointing out some commonsense solutions to our current self-induced health care travails. And no, his solutions do NOT include adding a staggering, stumbling Federal Government bureaucracy as a go-between twixt us and our doctors.

The solution is, in Bill’s words, to “…not to make things more complex, but to make them simpler“.

Easy? Sure. Logical? Extremely.

Too bad our government doesn’t do “easy” or “logical”.

3 responses to “Mr. Virtual President, on Health Care

  1. Richard M Nixon (Deceased)

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  2. This reminds me how some people go into a hospital and take their prescription meds with them, to avoid the costs. Under the old system, it was bad enough that sometimes they lost the meds, or just couldn’t find them. But can anyone think what this redistributive system would do to that?

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