DELUSIONAL: asked about website security concerns, #Sebelius says “I feel like it’s safe”

Sebelius - feelings

Well, then…

Queen Sebelius has made yet another decree, this time stating that the Pit of Despair (otherwise known as the website) is 100% safe.

Take THAT, all you Obamacare h8ers:

(via Yahoo News) – On Capitol Hill on Tuesday, a panel of computer security experts raised another fear — that the website is vulnerable to hacking. They said they wouldn’t trust their own personal information to the site, although they acknowledged they don’t have firsthand knowledge of the system and its architecture.

David Kennedy, head of the Ohio-based TrustedSec, a company that offers to hack into private systems to determine vulnerabilities, told the House Science Committee that a cursory look at the website revealed multiple “exposures” that put it at “critical risk.”

Asked about those concerns, Sebelius said: “I feel like it’s safe. Absolutely,” adding, “when there have been issues identified or flagged, it’s immediately fixed.

Oh, wait a sec.

She actually said I feel like it’s safe.

She FEELS it?

Just …”feels”?

Hey, Kathy: I feel like I’m still in my twenties. But you know something? I’m not. Not by a long shot.

Reality check 8746

You know, I might take someone’s “feeling” about what to order at Steak & Shake, or if it’s cold enough to wear gloves that day. But I kinda need a bit more to go on when we’re talking about my entire health history and credit card info being placed for all eternity into a Federal Government website.

Maybe that’s just me.

And yet, with this answer, Der Commissar is asking we should go with her “gut”, as if she was picking the Rams and a 3rd-string quarterback over Manning and the Broncos. 

I wonder: did she have a similar “feeling”, an intuitive “hunch”, about the website itself being ready to go live TWO MONTHS AGO? 

Answer: yeah. Definitely.

Sure, let’s put our trust in Sebelius’ “feelings”. SHE trusts the website, after all, just like you might “trust” your drug-addicted bum of a neighbor when he hits you up for money “one last time. Swearsies“.

C’mon, what are the odds that he’d lie to you again, just to score another bag of dope? 

You big Silly.

6 responses to “DELUSIONAL: asked about website security concerns, #Sebelius says “I feel like it’s safe”

  1. Here’s a thought for “Der Commissar”: If you’re SO certain about your “feelings”, how about YOU personally guaranteeing to indemnify EVERY person whose info gets hacked on You know….kinda like a Sebelius version of “LifeLock”?
    Do Progressives have ANYTHING other than their “feelings” or the alternative realities that they live in???

    BTW: THANKS, JTR….now I have Falco singing “Der Kommissar” stuck in my head…….

  2. What to order at Steak ‘n Shake is far too serious to entrust to Kathleen Sebelius. Besides, she would just mandate that I pay for her fries.

    • 😀

      Possible “even worse” scenario:

      Sebelius waltzes back into the kitchen to inform the cooks of everything they’re doing “wrong”, THEN announces all future meal purchases will be mandated to go though a new federal website: ““.

  3. I will trust that web site (maybe) when Ms Kathleen Sebelius puts all of her personal information on it.

    People need to KNOW how at risk they are.

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