Jay Carney tries to spin Obama’s “Keep Your Doctor” promise…

Haven’t seen tap-dancing like this since Fred and Ginger:

Absolutely classic.

First of all, please note yet another attempt at indirectly blaming Republicans for this epic monstrosity, with Carney’s “…using a model from a Republican governor in Massachusetts…” line. For the eighty millionth time, just because something is popular in one state does NOT mean that it should be embraced by the entire nation through federal mandates.

Carney - Lying

Here’s an idea: contrary to Romney-care, Constitutional Open Carry of firearms is popular (and legal) in MORE than just one state. Can I use that argument to obtain the Left’s blessing and make it federal policy? No? What a shock…

As for the rest of Carney’s blatherings, they were emptier than Al Capone’s Vault.

Yes, better healthcare plans normally have more inclusive networks. But the way insurance through Obamacare works now is NOT how it has worked in the past, and I don’t care how often Jay-Jay tries to say otherwise.

Before, insurance companies controlled their risk exposure through identifying each person’s likelihood of accessing health resources, and at what level. Professional actuaries and underwriters were paid lots of money to determine this through reams of data, and rates were set accordingly. But now with Obamacare, that’s gone the way of the buggy-whip. Companies can no longer differentiate between men/women, young/old, or sick/healthy.

From The New American:

“…Insurance companies are finding themselves hamstrung by the healthcare law’s twin mandates of guaranteed issue (covering all applicants regardless of pre-existing conditions) and community rating (charging the same premiums to beneficiaries regardless of their risk).

Both requirements virtually ensure that those with the greatest need for expensive, long-term care will buy coverage, but the community-rating mandate further discourages the healthy from buying coverage because their previously low rates will be forced to rise to meet the rates of the sick. Add to that the fact that the ACA forbids insurers to impose any limits on benefits, and it’s clear that payments will outstrip premiums in fairly short order if nothing is done to rein in costs.

Insurers, therefore, are doing their utmost to minimize their exposure now. One way they are doing that is by creating narrow networks of doctors and hospitals whose services they will reimburse.

This means, of course, that many providers will be left out…”

Translation: no, you can’t keep your doctor. Sorry ’bout that.

Oh, wait. You CAN keep them, …as long as you pay for them totally on your own. Isn’t that great? So you get to pay more than ever for the privilege of having healthcare coverage, which is now essentially useless:

One more thing: that last part in the clip above mentions that Obama’s newest promise that roughly 80% of users will be able to access the healthcare.gov website. The Administration’s argument is that this will constitute “the vast majority” being able to use it, so it’s totally cool.

Well, by that standard, weren’t “the vast majority” of Americans already insured BEFORE Obamacare?

Jay might need to go into full Riverdance mode, in order to dance his way around that question…


15 responses to “Jay Carney tries to spin Obama’s “Keep Your Doctor” promise…

  1. Reblogged this on Dead Citizen's Rights Society.

  2. Carney: “I think everyone understands how the insurance system works.”

    Well, Jay…….clearly you and the President are NOT part of “everyone”, because you have demonstrated TIME and TIME again that you have ZERO understanding.

    It just keeps getting worse, and I’m torn between the desire to see it stop before it does more damage to the Country and letting it go on until it decimates the Left.

    • Obviously, their “understanding” of insurance came via their one-night stay at a Holiday Inn Express.

      I hate to be repetitive, but this is simple hubris on the grandest of scales.
      They believe they are all-knowing, and capable of doing ANYONE’s job, even though they can’t even perform the basic functions of their own.

      Being lectured to by self-aggrandizing idiots, whose entire insurance knowledge wouldn’t overflow my soup spoon, is getting tiresome.

      Hey, Carney and company!! Go pretend you’re good at something else, would ya??.
      Like chainsaw juggling, perhaps….

    • Wait a minute…didn’t our Fearless Leader JUST tell us that, “Gosh, insurance is complicated!” ???

  3. Wow. At least Fred and Ginger were entertaining, this is a hard to watch train wreck.
    If Carney didn’t know exactly what he was doing (lying) I would feel bad for him.

  4. Used to feel sorry for Jay…they couldn’t pay me enough to be in the hot seat as he has been. But really, I can’t imagine why anyone with a shred of integrity would continue to even try to spin this absolute horsefeathers. Thankful that some of the media are beginning to wake up. Hope it’s not too late…

  5. “The president’s been very clear” — ha haha har har (PERIOD)
    Never heard it so condescendingly put,

    “I think everyone understands how the insurance system works”….. well, they’re getting a crash course on Chicago economics now.

    • “Condescension” was Jay’s major back in school.
      He was voted “Most Likely to be an Overbearing Twit”, too….

      So, it’s really not his fault, I guess: he was fated to be a pompous jerk.

  6. Hawaii is an island. Has been fer a long time. I reckon since that’s worked out so well we should likely mandate that all states become islands by the year 2015.

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