OBAMA: in charge of Everything, not told Anything, & responsible for Nothing

Remember this?

His “Just Words” speech should have informed one-&-all, right then, that words were all he had

Instead, it was hailed as incontrovertible proof of his future magnificence as president. And yet, after his “uhmm-errr-ahhhhh” fest in yesterday’s press conference, to say that he’s lost whatever shred of magic or credibility he once had would be a galactic understatement, at best.

A better description of it would go somewhere along these lines:

boom 444

Plenty to cover here, so let’s go through these in no particular order:

First of all, today we had The One deign to meet with Insurance Company Executives about his proposed faux “fix”. Hmmmm: maybe that would have been a dandy idea, BEFORE you announced your plan which (if actually embraced) would toss the entire insurance industry upside-down.

Just a thought…

Then we have Democrats still trying valiantly to defend their precious Affordable Care Act by saying that there’s nothing in the law which forces companies to cancel their insurance, even as millions of policies are being cancelled as a direct result of them desperately trying to comply with the Democrats’ law.

Yeah, that’s a co-ink-i-dink, obviously.

We had the New York Times (yes, THAT New York Times) today compare the entire O-care debacle to George Bush and Hurricane Katrina. In Leftist circles, there’s no greater insult than that.

If someone on the Right had leveled such a claim, the Times would have accused them of Hate Speech.

And straight out of Bizarro World, we have the DNC attempting to praise Obama for “protecting” the American People …from Obamacare. No, that’s not a typo. The irony is so thick here, you couldn’t cut it with a warehouse of Ginsu® knives.

Laughably, Oprah just tossed her two gold-plated cents into this mess by blaming any dissatisfaction with Obama’s leadership on the Left’s favorite bogeyman, Raaaaaaacism! (“Everyone’s thinking it“, doncha’ know).

In a related matter, an all-black college just canceled their students’ health insurance coverage due to… Obamacare. Bowie State’s administrators will be thrilled, I’m sure, to find out that their decision was based on Barack’s melanin level.

Racist Obamacare

And all this was brought on and/or exacerbated by President Genius’ historically awful performance in yesterday’s presser. I’ve had time to go back and watch it a second time (I seem to enjoy the pain), and have a couple of especially pathetic lowlights.

In this first clip, Obama is saying that he is way “too smart” to be dumb about the roll-out itself. This is quite a trick, so see if you can follow it. It goes something like, “I’m so brilliant that obviously I had no idea anything was wrong with the legislation on which I’ve predicated my entire presidency, because I couldn’t be bothered to actually find out. You know, like a leader might do.  

Thus, my ignorance is a sign of my intelligence“. Or something:

Then he blamed his fawning cheerleaders in the media for being insufficiently upbeat about all of the obvious “positives” brought about by the law. To avoid possibly choking, please remove any and all foodstuffs from your mouth:

Which was all summed up perfectly by Ace, in a mere eleven words:

So let’s review:

We have Dear Leader’s meandering, incoherent, Bill-Murray-on-‘Ludes primary excuse, which is basically “Hey, this insurance stuff is hard. Who knew?“.

We then couple that with his caveat of “Whoa… This is so, like, MAJORLY difficult, and I guess is kinda’ why we’ve screwed it up so bad, but I didn’t know squat about all the problems.

And that’s red-hot proof of why you should waaaay trust me to fix this country-sized sinkhole of an unmitigated disaster, which I mighta-sorta caused, although it’s still probably the Republicans’ and the insurance companies’ fault. And also Bush“. 

I simply pray he has another press conference planned for next week.

Empty Suit 444

12 responses to “OBAMA: in charge of Everything, not told Anything, & responsible for Nothing

  1. And some speech writer is to blame for that stand-up comedy act…….no, ummm…..oh yeah….”press conference” we witnessed yesterday?

    The great thing about yesterday was that EVERYONE got to see the REAL, I-don’t-know, bumbling, stumbling, incompetent, blame it somebody else BHO. We could have talked for decades about his lack of relevant experience and incompetence and NEVER painted the same picture as what he displayed yesterday. And for that, Mr. President, we thank you…

  2. Yes, but, ummmm… he’s the smartest guy in the room. HAHAHAHAHAHA!

    I gotta admit, I’m kinda diggin’ the events as of lately… 😉

    OH and, JTR… this post rockNrolls! 😀

    • Thanks, Teach!!

      I’m so serious about my wish, though.
      No research, no reading, nuthin’…:
      Just give me Obama, a press conference, and WHAMO!, …instant blog post.

      He’d save me so much TIME….

      • Oh I understand your wish, however you do realize, he would just inform you that “you didn’t build that” ROFLOL man, I’m crackin’ myself up! :p

  3. Holy SMOKES you nailed it with this one! 🙂 Love the bit about the Times. Every once in awhile they actually report something, and when they do that in itself becomes newsworthy!

  4. Reblogged this on Citizen Tom and commented:
    I have become tired of hearing about and talking about Obama. He is just not that important. Nevertheless, he is our president. Like it or not, Obama does have the power of the presidency. Moreover, he has in addition the power he has stolen. Therefore, as our leader — the leader we elected — our nation has assumed the character of this man, and from time-to-time we must consider what that means. Hence, this reblog.

    With leaders like Obama, what should we now call our style of governance? Mark Levin, a popular Conservative radio commentator, appropriately calls it Ameritopia. What that moniker emphasizes is America’s dominant Utopian ideology. Using the term Ameritopia, Levin characterizes the heaven on earth sought by America’s lost and scared citizenry. What Levin does not make clear is why The Establishment relentlessly pushes towards what Conservatves rightly see as a cliff. Those in the Establishment also live in terror; our elites are also among lost and scared. Thus, those in The Establishment also seek Utopia, but their heaven on earth lies in absolute power and inexhaustible wealth. Made desperate by their desire for a hopeless delusion, they will easily not give up.

    Utopia is the delusion that men can creat heaven on earth. Ameritopia is America’s version of it. Yet we each seed the hollow dream that men can create heaven on earth with our own pride. That is why Obamacare and all the other powergrabs have never been about Barack Obama. We elected that vile liar; he did not choose himself. That is why the news media that has protected Obama will not give up. It’s not Obama they care about; what they and their masters seek is their own personal heaven on earth. Until we each examine our own hearts, we will not begin to reverse the tyrannical tide.

    In the days ahead, what defines victory for The Establishment? To win The Establishment must only do one thing. The must keep Conservatives from winning, and that they still seem quite capable of doing. While there is much talk, the RINOs do nothing. Obamacare still stands, and all the “change” Obama, the Democrats, and the RINOs have wrought remains in place, just because they talk and talk and talk…., but do nothing.

    Why are we unable to win? We confuse our goals. Obama is not the problem. What is the problem? Too many of us no longer believe in the providence of God. Instead of believing that God gives us our rights, we look to government. We render unto Caesar what rightfully belongs to God.

    We cannot wait for others to act. We must ourselves render unto God what is God’s. When the politicians we elect do not render in our name what rightfully belongs to God Almighty alone, then we must replace them. Otherwise, our Lord will assign the blame to us all.

  5. Reblogged this on altruistico and commented:
    This articulate post is a “must read” for all citizens of these United States. It should weigh upon the conscience of every Christian.

  6. Great post. You might like to read this sometime:

    “Dead in the Water”

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  8. Reblogged this on blogsense-by-barb and commented:
    OBAMA: in charge of Everything, not told Anything, & responsible for Nothing!!!!!!!

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