The President’s unbelievably bad #Obamacare press conference

I’ve spent my entire career in Professional Sales, and long ago learned the golden rule of “Under Promise, Over Deliver”.

Because when you do the opposite, as the President did so spectacularly with his “You Can Keep Your Plan...” schtick, you merely guarantee that at some point down the road, people are going to be very, very mad at you.

Which brings us to today’s press conference.

Obama, who has railed against any and all attempts to change a single jot of what he’s repeatedly trumpeted as The Law Of The Land, is now feeling overwhelming political heat from within his own party. Thus he came out today and offered a temporary “fix” to his disastrous Obamacare legislation.

Never mind that his fix basically amounts to asking the insurance industry to switch gears in the MIDDLE OF THEIR CANCELLATIONS which OBAMACARE CREATED, in order to cover Barack’s posterior. You can also ignore how completely unrealistic and unworkable that would be, just from a logistical perspective. You can even ignore the state laws they’d have to break to do such a thing, a mere 6 weeks before the end of the year.

Just focus on the press conference itself. If you watched it, you may have initially wondered if this was actually an SNL skit. There’s no possible way that it could have been planned to be this horrible:

If you’d like, here’s the entire transcript to read. A warning: as bad as the presser reads, the entire video is worse. 

And no, that’s not hyperbole.

Empty-Suit 555

So, rather than linking a video of the whole debacle, I’ll instead give you some reactions and thoughts via Twitter:

Apart from providing fodder for the late-night comedians and gastric ulcers for congressional Democrats, there is one more likely result from all this:

Historically, the United States presidency was always thought to be a job for which very few people felt they were sufficiently qualified, and rightly so.

After today’s press conference, I believe that particular perception is a thing of the past.

27 responses to “The President’s unbelievably bad #Obamacare press conference

  1. The only person celebrating all of this is Jimmy Carter – FINALLY not at the bottom of those damned lists anymore! I am almost nostalgic for the good ol’ days of “malaise”.

  2. Not to mention the fact that a President has NO legal or Constitutional authority to change and/or ‘fix’ LAW passed by Congress. The executive branch has no legislative power. (section one, article one of the U.S. Constitution) He is unconstitutional and should be impeached under the Law of the Land.

    • No question, Teach. But since we will NOT see that happen (I’ll bet my mortgage on that one) anytime soon, we need to hammer him where he bleeds: his alleged ‘competence’.

      And this entire charade, as much as anything, was a direct broadside on THAT.

      Keep firing, gang…

  3. DUDE! I could write TEN posts just shredding this embarrassment of a “press conference”! You know my juvenile mind and while I’m watching that freak show, I’m channeling my inner Bugs Bunny….AGAIN!
    “What a maroon”
    “What an Eskimo pie-head”
    “What an ‘im-bessel”

    I had to pause the vid when he said “the website is doing a lot of (hands waving to make air quotation marks) STUFF….”
    Thought I was going to pass out from laughing so hard.

    Then, just when I thought I had recovered he lays the “the Federal Government does a lot of things right…..” (just not computer “stuff”…) line on us….

    PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE: Keep on making a **** of yourself, Mr. President! I want to see you and all of the 2014 Dems running on this mess.

  4. Just remember: every time he says um ahhh er, he’s getting to put one over on you.
    When his lips are moving…

  5. I just can’t listen to him anymore. I’m gonna need some high tech drugs to just zone me out of his garbage.

    • Good news, Di:
      High-tech drugs are covered under Obamacare!!
      …if you could actually SIGN UP for it, or afford it if you COULD sign-up, …which, obviously, you can’t.

      Okay, maybe that’s not such good news…


  6. Good . They must have searched for tomatoes before he started.

  7. If this thing gets any worse he might sue to have his name removed.

    • True, BR.

      The beautiful aspect is he was just saying a few days back that as soon as everyone started to “Love” it, the REPUBLICANS would stop calling it “Obamacare”.

      …Guess what word never crossed HIS lips today?

  8. When will the legality of Obama’s decrees be questioned? Gopers? Anyone out there?

    • Great question, B-Ville.
      Even Howard Dean questioned the legality of this move today.

      If some bright young mind in the GOP wanted to get noticed, this is where I’d start…..

    • That is exactly the point I was trying to make in my first comment, bunkerville!

      The executive branch has no legislative power. So any ‘fixes’ / ‘changes’ / waivers / extensions, etc. (whatever word they use) done by a President without going through Congress, is unconstitutional.

      • Teach…I’m not really comfortable with the thought of something being unconstitutional being an impedance to these folks. There’s actually a provision in PPACA that the Republicans got in there that provides an exemption for self insured groups. The Left is going apoplectic behind the scenes trying to get it removed. So much for “it’s the law”.. Cc

        • Hi livingrightinpgh, are you are saying that o’diot is not the only corrupt law breaker? If so, I agree completely… different parties, same animal.

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