#Obamacare website sign-up numbers even LOWER than expected… **UPDATE: only 26,794!

I know, I know: none of us were expecting the early enrollee numbers for Obamacare to be too impressive. Truth be told, we figured they’d be outright pathetic, …and somehow, we STILL overestimated them.

In addition to everything Guy mentioned, there’s one more item which I’ve stated before, but it absolutely bears repeating here…

A huge percentage of the piddling few folks who HAVE managed to successfully “enroll” into Obamacare have actually been added to the Medicaid rolls. This is central to my rationale for predicting the inevitable failure of this law, at least in its present form: the numbers simply don’t work.

Obama Math

Again courtesy of Guy Benson:

“…Medicaid was already in very poor fiscal and functional condition before Obamacare extended it massively. It’s terribly underfunded; many doctors and hospitals refuse to accept new Medicaid patients due to the government’s paltry reimbursement rates.

Perhaps worst of all, Medicaid is catastrophically ineffective. Just because indigent individuals are enrolled in Medicaid coverage doesn’t mean they actually receive quality care. According to the most comprehensive study ever done on the program (which used Oregon’s system as the basis for analysis) poor people enrolled in Medicaid have no better health outcomes than their uninsured counterparts. 

We’re not just spending endless billions on a program that flat-out doesn’t work, …we’re expanding it through Obamacare…”

If this doesn’t turn around, and pronto, this may well implode even sooner than I assumed originally.

That doesn’t mean things will return to normal, since I’m guessing we’ll need to see this imbecilic legislation completely unravel before enough Democrats are willing to wave the white flag.

But the Left has agitated for Big Government to do Big Things ever since the days of FDR. If the biggest “Big Thing” ever falls spectacularly on its face, the entire nation may have learned a very painful lesson which will inform a generation or more.

Keep up the great work, Lefties! We’re all counting on ya’…



UPDATE: 11-13-2013; 3:45pm

Via HotAir:

“…The Journal’s sources claimed 50,000 had enrolled via the federal exchange and 50,000 on the state exchanges. They got the proportions wrong but the sum almost correct…”

5 responses to “#Obamacare website sign-up numbers even LOWER than expected… **UPDATE: only 26,794!

  1. “…I’m guessing we’ll need to see this imbecilic legislation completely unravel before enough Democrats are willing to wave the white flag.”

    JTR! My brutha! WHEN did YOU become such an optimist? LOL! Personally, I don’t think Dems have the common sense to EVER wave the flag of surrender. Like their COUNTLESS other programs that have the direct OPPOSITE outcome of their stated intent, they will most certainly just say that the program failed because REPUBLICANS didn’t fund it ENOUGH!

    The “vulnerable” Dems will say that THIS is NOT what they intended, and by golly, if they’re re-elected, they’ll sit with the POTUS and GET THIS THING RIGHT for the American people. Of course, IF re-elected, they’ll do no such thing. They’ll just vote to raise taxes, fees, and create new, expensive regulations to fund this debacle.

    They lie, and no one pays attention.

    Ted Cruz and Mike Lee HONOR their campaign promises and are defiled.

    Go figure.

    • I;m not counting on Dems having common sense, my friend. I’m actually counting on their cravenness to push for distance from this law initially (as we saw today) and eventually embrace some form of repeal when the entire structure proves to be unworkable.

      That’s why I said “white flag”.

      They don’t love their constituents, but they DO love their jobs. And Obamacare portends to rip their most precious possession from their grasp.

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  3. I am so glad our governor did not accept the federal money and provide the exchanges here in Pa. We had a campaign to stop it on twitter and with email, phone calls.
    The cost to the state down the road would have been horrendous in a state that already has deficits. And the mortality rate for Medicaid is higher than Medicare (older people), all private insurance and no insurance.
    It is a failed govt program. Actually when anyone says ‘program’, I turn them off in my head.
    Thanks for the informative post.

    • You’re welcome, tannngl. And thanks for your comment.

      I know you have as much knowledge about this, through your profession as an RN. You’ve seen the various kinds of “care” available, the good and the bad. And we both know that all this law does is drop the the lowest-common-denominator down to a truly atrocious level, for everyone.

      “Obamacare is dead; long live Obamacare!!!”

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