FLASHBACK: the President vows that #Obamacare will be “Deficit Neutral”

How many lies did the president tell in getting Obamacare passed?

As numerous as the stars in the sky…

From ABC News back in November, 2009:

OBAMA: “And I promise you. We’re already starting to look at the fiscal year 2011 budget and the out years, and although we are in the midst of a recession, and we inherited a big structural deficit, no one’s more mindful than me of the fact that we can’t have a bill that simply blows up an additional entitlement that’s not paid for.”

TAPPER: “So Congress needs to know that you’ll veto any attempt to walk back what they’ve passed.”

OBAMA: “Congress needs to know that when I say this has to be deficit neutral, I mean it.”

Ummm, not so much, champ:

As we mentioned earlier today, Medicaid IS adding hundreds of thousands of people, which is many times the number of folks adding themselves to the private market. Which means we’ve got waaaay more people being added to the government dole than promised, and nothing approaching sufficient numbers of folks to pay-up for this newly expanded entitlement.

obama-laughing 555In no way is this going to be “deficit neutral”.

So, was Obama’s blanket assurance to the contrary a lie, or was President Genius simply ignorant about this entirely predictable (and predicted) outcome of his signature legislation?

All together now:

“What difference, at this point, does it make?”

9 responses to “FLASHBACK: the President vows that #Obamacare will be “Deficit Neutral”

  1. You know, buddy, we’ve kicked around the “what did we expect from a community organizer?” stuff relative to his experience to be POTUS. But I think that was way too kind, and for me at least, missing the target.

    Now, I have to say that I give him top marks in knowing EXACTLY what he’s doing, accomplishing EXACTLY what he wanted to do, and WILLING to say ANYTHING (knowing full well that it’s a lie) to move his agenda forward.

    If we didn’t have 50% of the electorate being grotesquely “low information” about economics, etc, he’d never get away with it. Now….well, he DID get elected…..TWICE.

    The tale of the tape for me will be the 2014 midterms….

    • I agree that 2014 is the immediate goal. But I still think that, yes, he knew full well what the outcomes would be, and yet convinced himself that what he was saying was still the truth.

      He’s a complete narcissist: lying is what he does, but he considers everything he says as truth. Those things you and I refer to as “facts” he simply dismisses as inconvenient.
      The man is sick, which makes him even more dangerous.

  2. JTR, I’m quite surprised by your spelling error, but wanted to point it out:

    “Ummm, not so much, champ” … chump. There, fixed it for ya! 😀 and 😉

    Seriously though, in response to your ending question (even though I know it was rhetorical) … A LIE. NOT a ‘misspoke’, and let us not forget who is the “father of all lies” in this world… seems to me, those who continually follow his evil ways yoke themselves to him. PERIOD.

    • Thanks for “correcting” my mistake, Teach!!

      And yes, he lied.
      No amount of phony euphemisms can detract from that, which is why he’s in the bind he’s in now.
      If you read my review of today’s Press Conference, you’ll see even more of the same. And it’s so obvious to one and all that the more he struggles, the worse it gets.

  3. When his lips are moving…

  4. The quote that brings me comfort when I read articles like this is from Daniel ch 2 v 20-21,” ….For wisdom and power belong to Him.And it is He who changes the times and the epochs;He removes kings and establishes kings…” President Obama is our president because God established him. We are certainly under his Godless rule; it could be worse. I pray I use this time to give others hope of a perfect King and not lose hope for myself.

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