The proposed Ban of Trans Fats is the first of many #Obamacare “improvements” in our lives

Lost among the Keystone Kops-ish foibles of the roll-out is the ubiquitous iron fist of government coercion: comply, or else.

The newest target of the federal “Two Minutes Hate”? None other than trans fats, which may soon be disappearing from your local grocery store’s shelves:

The doctor makes a highly salient point here: we’re ALREADY seeing a tremendous reduction in trans fat consumption, falling from an intake average of 4.6 grams/day in 2003 to only 1 gram/day in 2012.

So why the sudden push to make it illegal?

Trans fat 4883

Are trans fats really a worse health risk than, say, alcohol or tobacco? You’d have to make that conclusion, since the latter are still legal (for now) and trans fats would not be if the FDA’s proposed ban is enacted.

Heck, even marijuana is being widely legalized: are we to believe that pot is a lower health risk than a frozen pizza or microwave popcorn?

Before anyone starts yelling at me, I’m not arguing for the inclusion of trans fats in food, or even against the legalization of pot. In both cases, I’d prefer to err on the side of freedom. However, I’ll further stipulate that overindulgence of either product is likely not the best choice one could make.

freedomKey 555But there’s the essential word to remember: choice.

As in: MY choice, and YOURS.

How many times have we mentioned that once the Federal Government has an implicit financial stake in everyone’s health by “providing” health care, the logical result would have that same Government dictating what is and isn’t “permitted” in all aspects of our lives? Virtually everything we do has some impact on our health, which then necessitates our Government-As-Health-Care-Provider should (and will) have their say in the matter.

Everyone should be prepared to have Big Daddy Government hectoring us on an ever-widening range of topics. Wow, I can’t wait!!!

But if you prefer, go ahead and believe that those pesky trans fats are the newest, scariest bogeyman lurking in our closets, …or more accurately, our cupboards.

After all, as our president might say, “If you like your freedoms, you can keep your freedoms, …until I change my mind, of course”

34 responses to “The proposed Ban of Trans Fats is the first of many #Obamacare “improvements” in our lives

  1. What’s the final outcome? Do we all go to the grocery store for a pre-mixed PASTE that meets all of the GOVERNMENTAL, nanny state standards? IF you’re lucky, maybe they’ll tease us with “steak flavored”….

    Sorry, but I can’t get this line out of my head: SOYLENT GREEN IS PEOPLE!!!!

  2. So, even if we like trans fat we can’t keep it?

  3. 1wanderingtruthseeker

    Just wait a minute here!!! That’s messing with my French fries and Donuts!

    • And more; SO much more.

      Just wait a while, Seeker. They’re only warming up…

      • Exactly: because once you give control of your “health” to govt, it’s control of everything. Since potentially they can decide what all can impact your health.

        • 100% correct, Kristina!

          There is literally NO activity in which you can engage that cannot be argued to have an impact on your health.

          Question for you, since you are a movie expert: how many films have there been foretelling a fascist government controlling the USA, similar to Soylent Green?
          I’d wager dozens, at least. I’d further wager that the government in control was portrayed to have more of a Conservative/Republican nature, rather than Liberal/Progressive/Democrat.
          Which (if I’m correct) is ironic, to say the least.

          Since I’m only guessing, could you tell me if I’m more right or more wrong?

          • oh gosh there are a LOT from the 60s on but, without actually researching, not too many classics come to mind other than stuff like Metropolis, 1984 and metaphorical ones like Invasion of the Body Snatchers, which to me was always more suggestive of progressive groupthink than McCarthyism. what a great topic, you’ve got me thinking. but yes predictably they’ll be on the right, movies have rarely been real about the dangers of “progressiveness” gone wild.

            • Thanks for the feedback!! I’d forgotten about ‘Metropolis‘, and I honestly can’t recall too many of the specifics from the 50’s version of ‘IOTBS‘.

              If you ever decide to give that topic a full treatment, I’d LOVE to read it.
              Heck, we’d re-post it here!

      • 1wanderingtruthseeker

        Yeah, I know. They want our freedom, guns, ammo, French fries and donuts.

        Out of my cold, dead, sugary hands!!!

  4. How about: “If you like your Constitution, you can keep your Constitution.” *wink, wink, nod, nod*

    • “You didn’t want that OLD Constitution anyway.

      It was a junk, substandard Constitution.

      What you want is our new, improved Constitution, full of stuff you just HAVE to have, …but probably can’t use and don’t want.
      You’ll LOVE it!!”

      —President “Joe Isuzu” Obama strikes again…

  5. And just tonight I caught on abcnews that theyRe recommending 1/3rd of Americans be on an over the counter mediation called stantin….what the heck man? Shades of New York (big gulp)

    • “…You WANT this new medicine. And because we, your Government, feel so strongly about its benefits for you, we’re going to make it mandatory.
      You know, …’cause you’re too stupid to make correct decisions about your health on your own.
      If you people would just do what we want on your own, we wouldn’t have to FORCE you to these things…”

  6. I am not a big fan of processed foods but they do have their place in our markets. We are a on-the-go society, that enjoys convenience and taste. The fats act as preservatives in place of butters or oils that can spoil or become rancid.
    Keep Big Brother away from my Oreo’s is all I can say!
    Who’s with me?

    • Mrs. PGH will be right there with ya, Kdub! Messing with her Oreos is like messing with one of the grandkids!! As Mr. T might say: “I pity the fool!!!”

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