NOT a surprise – “Woman’s identity stolen …from #Obamacare website” - THEN and NOW - Ken Catalino

This wasn’t exactly difficult to predict, either.

Months ago, we highlighted the near certainty of excessive Identity Theft and Fraud which would result from the overly-lax security measures in the various exchanges. Then as now, it was a forgone conclusion that people’s private information would be compromised and abused, once they entered it into the website.

Anyone surprised by this simply hasn’t been paying attention:

This will not be an isolated incident, …not by a long shot.

Gee, I wonder how long we’ll have to wait for a patented Obama non-apology for THIS particular “glitch”??

13 responses to “NOT a surprise – “Woman’s identity stolen …from #Obamacare website”

  1. Can it even be considered theft when the security is so lax? When privacy concerns were somehow even less important than functionality? “Woman’s identity GIVEN AWAY by Obamacare” is sadly more apt.

  2. No one should be surprised by how bad this is, we were all warned.

  3. Sebelius said, under oath, that no background checks are being done on the “navigators”. They might as well have turned it over to the Nigerian fraud kings!

    I do have one question, though: in MY world, confidential info is protected under HIPAA, and the fines/penalties for violations are STIFF. Who’s penalizing the Feds for these breaches of personal info?

  4. We received our letter from Humana notifying us that our premiums will be going up in January (and by up, I mean doubling). There was a subnote directing us to letting us know that we could “shop around” if unhappy with the changes. My wife started to input info on site but I stopped her because I was afraid of exactly what you are talking about. Identity theft will be the greatest “claim to fame” of the broken website.

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