Debbie Wasserman Schultz defends the President’s #Obamacare lie, with even MORE lies…

Absolutely incredible:

There were at least 2-3 dozen separate and distinct falsehoods in that two-minute interview, but since I don’t have time today to Fisk the entire thing properly, I’ll just focus on ten words:

“…they will be able to get better coverage, for less.” 

Really, Debbie? Every single person?

I don’t think so. Not even close.

While we’re at it, when you say “less”, do you mean “less money out-of-pocket than they were paying”? Or simply less than what it would normally be, without federal subsidies (…for which we’re ALL paying)??

Since I know it’s not the first, I’ll assume you secretly mean the second.

And what about “better”? Better in whose opinion? If it includes coverage that I don’t want and can’t use, it isn’t “better”.

Let’s say I’m shopping for a house, and I’m choosing between one with an in-ground swimming pool, and one without. You assure me that the one WITH a pool is “better”, because it has a pool. But I reply that I don’t WANT a pool: I don’t swim and don’t want to pay for having/maintaining one.

Thus, the house with a pool is not “better” to ME, no matter how many times you tell me it is.

Or as we say here in the Real World, it’d be “worse”.

duh 777

Repeating these transparent prevarications makes it obvious (even to their own supporters!) that the Democrats/Liberals are lying their fannies off. But if they insist on digging themselves into this hole, we’d be foolish to try to stop them. 

Such craven desperation isn’t persuading anyone, …but I sure hope they THINK it is.

10 responses to “Debbie Wasserman Schultz defends the President’s #Obamacare lie, with even MORE lies…

  1. Everything is going exactly as planned… they must accomplish mass hysteria so when they usher in the single payer system it will be a savior to those who are screaming. This whole shock and awe system, which includes lie after lie has an agenda.

    We got our letter. We LIKED our insurance, we were NOT able to keep it… we now have worse coverage, for more.

    tick, tock, tick, tock

  2. Some say those of us in Florida aren’t very smart. She’s proof they might be right. :/

    • Never fear, Wendee! California is still NUMERO UNO at electing the wackiest ladies in Congress! Note to Florida: QUIT TRYING TO CATCH UP!

      • Wendee & livinrightinpgh … MO is right with ya :/ just look at clairbear, a real o’laprat! *shiver*

        • Lol! Well, I see we all have problem children we must deal with! I feel better knowing I’m in good company. 🙂 And I need it, because Florida also unleashed Alan Grayson onto an unsuspecting country! THAT really balances the mess in California out.

  3. JTR: PLEASE don’t include DSW’s name in the title of the post as it ALMOST causes me to delete without reading. Also, DSW and “Lie” are repetitive. LOL!

    But, as you said in a previous post: just keep it up. Even the low-information types are waking up.

  4. I still don’t understand how the EPA can let her drift around the country with that much oil slick on her head!!!!!! That’s why she she follows him…nothing can penetrate that barrier!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. If the government were as oppressive from the right as the one Ms. Wasserman Schultz is trying to establish for the left, a list of those people stupid enough to support this lying piece of flesh would be used to round up those voters and assign them to psychiatric wards or philosophy classes that deal with rational reality and truth seeking and there they would remain until they demonstrated minimal competency. Too bad the people of America seem to prefer the Wasserman Schultz’s of the world as political leaders and so, we are getting exactly what we deserve. – a willfully misinformed country that would rather go down the rabbit hole than stand strong in a world of rational reality, truth and justice.

  6. So “Republicans have done everything they could to keep people from getting medical coverage and to make their life hard. ”

    Such an enormous task that must be. Neither he nor her or any of them have said anything that was not true. Oooops… That might be the whopper of the week.

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