Another Obama Power Grab: Hey, let’s spend $$$ we don’t have to “prepare” for Climate Change!

Just another day at the office for the despicable, power-hungry busybodies in the Obama Administration, also known as They Know Better, Inc®:

More on this story over at Bunkerville:

“…At a speech at Georgetown University  in June, Mr. Obama outlined executive  actions he would take to require  government and private industry to prepare for  the effects of climate  change.

(Read more: Washington Times

Though laws dealing with the issue are often criticized by those who do not  ascribe to leftist environmental policies, this order is especially dangerous  because Obama completely circumvented congressional oversight in its  implementation.

The fiat decision, entitled “Preparing the United States for the Impacts of  Climate Change,” will have far-reaching effects on the lives of Americans,  despite mounting evidence that human activity has no measurable effect on the  environment.

The order says to “identify opportunities to support and encourage smarter, more climate-resilient investments by States, local communities, and tribes, including by providing incentives through agency guidance, grants, technical assistance, performance measures, safety considerations, and other programs.”

Here is the Executive Order…” 

That’s just spiffy. So now, as the nation is struggling to deal with just the first shock-waves created by Obamacare, we get blindsided by yet another Federal truncheon to our knees. 

See? THIS is why I don’t mind it when King Putt goes golfing so much. Better that, than having him gleefully signing away our freedoms.


7 responses to “Another Obama Power Grab: Hey, let’s spend $$$ we don’t have to “prepare” for Climate Change!

  1. Great picture of Zippy…he looks quite dapper in his play clothes. 🙂 If this isn’t already, I guarantee it will be shoved into the curriculum of every public school as far as the eye can see. Not just “informative” type propaganda either, I mean entire mandatory courses in middle and high schools. They’ll probably replace something like English with it. That’s Lib Logic. :/

    • NO question, Wendee!

      Global Warming is ALREADY taught as fact: this will be added as one of the many “Compassionate” things Obama has done, alongside Obamacare, and IRS targeting of Conservatives.

      I really miss my country…

  2. Much more control of the local level of government, citizens by the federal government.
    This stuff really scares me.

  3. The more he gets away with the more empowered he feels he is…and that’s not really a stretch. Obama is like a child testing a parents limits. If no negative response is received then the child gladly pushing just a little further. God help us once Obama feels truly untouchable (and that day is very close as GOP continues to cave on every conceivable issue)

  4. You ALMOST have to admire the chutzpah….disaster after disaster…and not a MOMENT’S hesitation. We are witnessing pure Alinsky-ism in action. I’ve said it before and will continue to do so: This is ALL planned and purposeful, aimed at bringing down America as founded.

    BTW, JTR…did you mistype? I was thinking that you meant to say King Putz…?

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