Oh, yeah: all those problems with #Obamacare? The Lies? It’s TOTALLY the fault of …Republicans.

AHhh, HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha……………!!!!!

Oh, wait. What? No! They’re serious? Really?!?

But that’s …insane!

(via Mary Katherine Ham at HotAir.com) – “…You have a friend who is a lifelong couch potato with diabetes and a heart problem. He declares his intention to run a marathon with no training whatsoever. You advise him against this, fearing he won’t be able to handle it and hurt himself.

He runs the marathon, almost dies at Mile 16, and then blames you for not carrying him 26.2 miles.

This is the GOP’s obligation to Obamacare, a law it had no hand in passing because it was afraid of exactly this meltdown. …”

MKH nailed it. And what’s more, it’s a line of excuse making that reeks of desperation, and is oh-so transparent.

Please, Lefties: keep it up. I’m beggin’….


But rather than re-litigate an entire week’s worth of posts we’ve already done on this subject, today we’ll just leave things in the highly capable hands of Fox News’ newest star:

3 responses to “Oh, yeah: all those problems with #Obamacare? The Lies? It’s TOTALLY the fault of …Republicans.

  1. Sounds like a democrat! Saw this last night. Things are falling apart and they still lie and blame others. Insane!

  2. They’re just keeping up ‘appearances’ for the low-informations/Millennials/”independents” out there. The rest of us know better, both Liberal and Conservative. Liberals don’t care what other Libs say because they have the power right now. I think Conservatives are simply tired of all the yakking in general. In other words, no one that actually has done his or her homework and selected a political side based on their own morals, values, etc. (which are the only people who should be voting btw) is going to care what these morons have to say from this point out. We might even be hearing less and less from ACTUAL Libs as this gets messier. “Temporary” Libs (students, young adults w/out bills, women, blacks, and other minorities who just blindly give allegiance) will still be running their mouths until they realize just what all of this means in REALITY. Women, especially I think, will be the loudest and most ferocious of Obamacare critics regardless of political affiliation. This mess will hit them the hardest.

  3. My hope is that the “Millennials” keep waking up to the lie that is the ACA. A conservative campus group has been very active across the country, and the reaction from self-proclaimed Obama and ACA supporters to clips of the POTUS positioned side by side with the reality of the ACA is amazing. They’re only response is something to the effect of “that can’t be…..he lied to us….”

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