“They Know Better, Inc®” – Why Liberal Democrats believe they should run our lives…


Much has been made of the woeful Obamacare Exchange website, and rightfully so: it’s almost inconceivably bad. But it’s not the website that we should be focusing on, really, but what the website (and ultimately Obamacare itself) actually represents. Namely, the overwhelming hubris which so completely defines the Leftists/Statists who are now in charge of our nation. 

As we detailed yesterday, the newest White House/Liberal Media talking point on Obamacare is, essentially, “Your old plans were junk, and you should be GLAD to be rid of them”.

Or, shorter: “We know better than you”.

And yet as evidenced by the initial roll-out, how much could they know? Obviously, not nearly as much as they THINK they know.

Ace Of Spades touched on this yesterday:

“…What is going on here is that a cadre of people who have a very narrow skill-set — primarily law or some public policy degree which featured very little math (and that math was Math for Liberal Arts) — have decided that they can comprehend the workings of everyone else’s job in America, simply because they went to a Good School.

Ace2They believe they are masters of the universe, but in fact are masters of almost nothing at all, not even the narrow range of material they studied before immediately going into a career of government work or government agitation.

They believe themselves to be transcendentally hyper-competent, a delusion that they are permitted to cling to only because they’ve never been in positions of actual responsibility where their decisions will result in well-defined failure or well-defined success…”

Right on, Ace.

For another example, think back to Timothy Geithner’s comment to Paul Ryan in February of 2012, when they were discussing our country’s budget  and long-term debt issues:

“…You are right to say we’re not coming before you today to say ‘we have a definitive solution to that long-term problem.’ 

What we do know is, we don’t like yours…”

See? It doesn’t matter what the discussion is, because they’re the proprietors of They Know Better, Inc®, …even when they admit that they don’t know anything. Their admitted ignorance is infinitely superior to your supposed wisdom born of silly, outmoded attributes like “experience”, “applicable knowledge” or, worst of all, “success”.

know-it-all 888

And with health care, it’s more of the same. That’s why you have the Left deciding to portray various insurance plans as “bad“, “crummy” or “crappy“, simply because these plans are slated to be cancelled due to their not meeting the new, 100% arbitrary Obamacare guidelines.

Who says those plans were crummy? The Left does. Why are they so crappy? Because the Left doesn’t like ’em.

See how much sense this makes? If we just accept that Resistance is Futile, and that All Your Choice Are Belong To Us, we’ll all get along just dandy.

You were a lost babe, shivering in the wilderness before you so fortuitously wandered into their protective embrace. But now you are free!! Free from the petty encumbrances of such old-fashioned worries like “decisions”, and free from “freedom” itself.

They Know Better® than you as to what you want, need, or like.

This is just beginning, too.

It’s now come out that you may not keep your doctor, or your hospital. Plus, 93 million folks with EMPLOYER-based health care are slated to lose their coverage by this time next year. And Lord knows what that’ll mean for the employees of those hospitals, or for the doctors themselves, or for the insurance companies and their employees.

Or, obviously, …you.

But don’t worry your pretty little head about any of that, okay?

They Know Better, Inc® is in charge, and everything’s gonna be just swell.

11 responses to ““They Know Better, Inc®” – Why Liberal Democrats believe they should run our lives…

  1. Well said.
    And its not just that it won’t work, the question is how long will they push the failure on us?

  2. You’re completely right. The government is claiming to know what’s best for us–we’re just a bunch of dumbies. Not only that, this is a huge loss of freedom and free commerce.

    • Thanks, Lori.
      Of course, if only we weren’t such idiots and would just do what they WANT us to without being told, they wouldn’t HAVE to make us.

      Obviously, this is all OUR fault….

      • We could blame it on the schools. They weren’t indoctrination centers when I went to school.

        • Same here, Lori. They’re certainly part of it, no question.
          But blaming the schools brings us back to how we raise our kids, and then responsibility, and then freedom to choose…and suddenly we’re back again at They Know Better, Inc®.

          No matter the subject, it always will come back to this fight.

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  4. As a Christian i understand that a lie is a lie no matter the circumstances. That being said….Nixon “resigned” after a much smaller lie than what Obama has propagated. It’s high time this traitor is fired and tried for treason.

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  6. I truly believe that they never INTENDED for the ACA to work “as advertised”. Their goal is NOT to understand, create, or implement a successful “insurance” plan. Their goal is to DESTROY the existing status quo, cripple/eliminate free market insurance, and grab a HUGE hunk of control away from the free market and firmly lock it up in the camp of big government.

    That their tripe is accepted by so many is nothing more than an indication of the success they’ve had at running our educational system…

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