Sebelius unable to answer WHY #Obamacare forces men to purchase …Maternity Coverage??


Speaking as a longtime insurance professional, whenever I hear barely-functional idiots like Sebelius discuss insurance, it kinda’ makes my skin itch:

Insurance is about assessing risk, and assigning that risk a relative cost. That cost is then calculated as a premium, and the customer is charged the premium. The more risks covered, the higher the relative premium. 

Easy, right?

If someone purchased a policy for anything (e.g. health, home, car, etc.,..), every covered item included in that policy had a corresponding cost built into it. Insurance companies are not in the habit of giving away “free” coverage.   

So when Commissar Sebelius says that “…an insurance policy has a series of benefits whether you use them or not…“, that’s essentially true. But it’s who determines what those benefits are which she seems unable to grasp.

And before Obamacare, insurance companies did NOT previously FORCE all men to buy health insurance policies which mandated they include MATERNITY CARE coverage, …and now they are.


Once upon a time, you used to be able to buy what you wanted, and not buy what you didn’t want or couldn’t possibly use. In the free market, we referred to this as having “choices”.

Back then, we simpletons believed that “choices” were good things.

Silly us.

6 responses to “Sebelius unable to answer WHY #Obamacare forces men to purchase …Maternity Coverage??

  1. Relieved, Kathleen Sebelius needed no mask.

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  3. The inmates are OFFICIALLY in charge of the asylum…..

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