Worse than the Administration’s #Obamacare Lies? The Smug, Condescending TONE of their Lies.

This is now officially THE new Democrat talking point: 

Wow, that simply reeks of disdain for (A) the intelligence of the American people, collectively, and (B) the intelligence of the Left’s followers, specifically.

I’ll get into this more in a second, but first watch this clip from Megyn Kelly’s show and listen for the EXACT SAME ARGUMENT.

This is not a coincidence:

....and lied, ....and lied,

….and lied, ….and lied, 

There’s two big takeaways from that video, as well as Jarrett’s Tweet. The first is what everyone’s talking about: the actual words being said, the boldness with which the Left seems to be lying about Obamacare’s broken promises. But really, it’s not much different from how they’ve been lying about the deficit, or gun control, or immigration, or Benghazi, or any of a number of subjects.

No, to me the more important takeaway is the condescending, catch-me-if-you-can attitude they’re projecting while they lie! The intangible aspect of this is what’s missing from most current analysis: that infuriating, high-handed, smug superiority permeating everything they say on this subject.

smug 55

That’s why so many on the right are spitting nails right now: it’s not just the lies, but rather the TONE of the liesRemember that we were assured “we’d be able to keep our coverage”: repeatedly, condescendingly, as if they were talking to children who were too dumb to comprehend. And now, they’re using that same tone to tell us we didn’t hear and see what we repeatedly saw and heard. 

There’s a certain ‘Stepford Wives‘ quality to all this, which is more than just a little creepy.

Think about it: how maddening is it to be told (with an oily, supercilious air):

“…oh, of COURSE you can’t keep your existing coverage, which is exactly (not) what we said! But don’t worry, ’cause your coverage that we totally told the truth about (and by “told the truth”, I mean “lied our a** off) is gonna be sooo awesome!

…and by “awesome”, I of course mean “waaay more expensive”…..”

Then, in the same breath, they will look you squarely in the eye and maintain that if you somehow gleaned any inconsistencies in their statement, that just proves that YOU are the crazy person.

Might as well get used to it: they aren’t going to change until enough of their supporters stop buying such ridiculous doublespeak. Unfortunately, based on verbiage like this, that may not be any time soon:

“Transitioned”? Uggghhh….


21 responses to “Worse than the Administration’s #Obamacare Lies? The Smug, Condescending TONE of their Lies.

  1. What I don’t understand is why so many people are steamed about this, when clearly more people than not, just a YEAR ago, re-elected this guy! The chance was there to stop this, it was called Mitt Romney. Hopefully folks will be a little more picky when deciphering media speak in the future! It scares me to think that Americans literally needed to see Obamacare on the computer screen, in front of them, in order to “get it.” What on earth is the matter with people?? I’m asking this knowing I’m among friends, but I have to ask: Is it me???

    • Sadly, Wendee, no: it’s not you.

      We now have a Grand Canyon-sized schism between two halves of the country, where what one side says is dismissed out of hand, simply because of who said it. There are folks on both sides like this, but there are substantially more on the Left, by virtue of the # of liberal outlets pushing this meme.

      That’s why all the vitriol against Fox News, and the castigation of conservative/Tea Party folks as racists.
      If you can paint your opponent as being unworthy of even being heard, their arguments will fall on deaf ears.

      Those folks will need to be hit in the face by the truth before it hits home.
      …And that’s what’s happening right now….

  2. I guess the sheep don’t realize the danger til they are heading for the slaughter house. Like many others believe the worst is yet to come from this law, people are beginning to understand the nightmare. There is a reason they delayed this until after this past election, no way they could have defended this.

    The media did its job making people afraid of Romney, some voted with their heart not their head. Romney in my opinion didn’t convince people to vote for him and didn’t defend himself against the attacks leveled against him.

    When you are fighting the media darling like Obama its tough sledding, will be the same with Hilary in 2016. Whoever the nominee is on the other side had better come prepared and ready for the fight that is needed to win.

    • Very accurate assessment, Blaine.

      We’d better have a fighter like a Ted Cruz, regardless if it’s him or not.
      Romney was a good man, but you’re right: he didn’t go as hard, as often, as was necessary.

  3. Funny thing about this. I heard a call in to the Micheal Medved show today who said basically, Obama is selling insurance without a license.

    As an insurance salesman, what would happen to you if you misrepresented a policy or several policies to your customers and you got caught? Wouldn’t you face sanctions as well as fines and possible jail time? And also the possibility of getting sued, too?

  4. For all of us who have followed this man for 10+ years, the arrogance, smugness, and condescending tone are NO surprise.
    The ACA is not Obama’s vision. It is the same Socialist “wet dream” they’ve been trying to peddle for over 50 years. Hillary tried, and failed. B. Hussein Obama is simply the right snake-oil salesman, at the right time. The lap-dog media hasn’t changed. What HAS changed is the number of recipients on the government teat, and political adversaries who don’t want to be labeled as “racist” for attacking our first mixed-race president. They are so convinced of their superiority because they truly believe that their public education system has been a complete success at turning the masses into a bunch of dolts. We should all be HONORED to be led by those who are so intellectually superior, whether they’re just a bunch of liars or not…

    • I agree 100% what we call OBAMACARE is just a stepped up version of what Pelosi has been peddling for years now. Obama is just the pawn being used by the Marxist regime. Obama was trained to do exactly as he’s doing, and that is to be the smooth face of the communist party. There are currently 70+ self avowed membersof the communist party in the democratic party. They’ve been setting this up since the freaking New Deal.

      • Wow. Are these elected officials who are calling themselves communists? I was just wondering if their constituents knew that! If so, why are they still electing these people and if not why don’t they know something that seems like it’s rather obvious? Honestly, people need to wake up and PAY ATTENTION before they VOTE.

        • That’s what I’m saying. Whatever happened to vetting your politicians. What happened to townhalls and GOP/DEM meet and greets? I attend local meetings to get to know the folks I vote for personally.

  5. i wondered what happened to you. I was also banned. I always enjoyed your comments. Get back to me when you can. white531@yahoo.com

    • Here is his actual blog, sir:

      Since you actually just responded to me, rather than Slayer, you may wish to reply again to one of his comments. However, I’ll make sure he sees this.

      Gotta ask, though: Slayer is a GREAT guy, and you were a permanent fixture over there, every time I stopped by. What could either of you possibly do to get yourselves banned? And from a Conservative site, no less?
      I don’t get it…

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